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May Day Eve

From Devastation to Inspiration

Much can be said about the Boston Marathon bombing, but this wonderful cover says it all.

Magazine editor, John Wofson says:

"To me the cover is about two things: perseverance and unity. By itself, each shoe in the photograph is tiny, battered, and ordinary. Together, though, they create something beautiful, powerful, and inspirational. Remove just one shoe and you begin to diminish, in some small way, the overall effect. 
Collectively, they are the perfect symbol for Boston, and for our response to the bombings."

As for me, lives will indeed be changed but it should not keep us from trying again and finishing the race.

Watch: Wedding Speech/ Song Mcfly

I just can't get enough of watching this video.

Just a prime example how romantic a man in love can be.

Watch it, and remember... the groom never lies.

Startup Quotes

If you are like me who is fascinated with startups and the brains behind them, then you will love this website.

The 20th century has seen a boom of amazing startups which has made it now, more than ever easier to launch your own business and be the "next big thing".

These guys has shown us that sometimes, taking risks pays and that pursuing a seemingly crazy idea is not that bad at all.

Here are some examples:

Read: Marley and Me

There is nothing more endearing than a pet owner calling his/her dog as the "world's worst dog".  For me, it is a statement of love filled with a sense of pride and acceptance... of everything.

And that is what John Grogan did as he recounted Marley's antics and adventures.

I never thought that I could feel more love for my dogs, particularly my great black lab who, like Marley might probably hold a world title - as the most energetic dog.

This book showed that dogs doesn't need to be perfect and neither should any owner expect them to be.

They are loyal, affectionate, crazy, sweet, hyperactive, protective and very devoted.  Which is surprising as it is very hard to find humans with all those qualities.

We are all very lucky to receive these gifts from these four legged friends. Without conditions and beyond everything else.

Who wants a well behaved dog when you can have a dog who shows their love in an adventurous and exciting way like Marley?

Save Water: Pee in the Shower

How did your earth hour go?

Mine was OK. My family decided to eat out, so it was definitely "lights out" at home :-)

Just glad to do our part in saving the environment.

While we are on the topic of being environmentally friendly and cool, let us talk about ways to save and conserve energy.

Right now, I want to talk about water and taking showers.

You've probably heard the saying "Save water, shower with a friend".

Well, I've found a much easier way to save water, alone - Just pee in the shower.

Toilet flushing or in most cases here, the "buhos" system, accounts for most of the water use at home.  One flush wastes around 4 to 5 liters of good water. Water you can use for more worthwhile causes like cooking and drinking right?

Or if you're finding it gross (urine is sterile btw, and some say cures athlete's foot)  this video shows you how "one scoop can clean you up" and I dare you to do the same. 

Though honestly, it's easier to ju…

April Loss

Somehow I think Brief meetings are the best For it forbids fondness and vivid memories No loss, no cost, no hurt Meant for passers by

 Note:  Image courtesy of Julie rc of Deviantart