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The High and Mighty Overshares

I think it's time we ask ourselves some questions if we start breeding these kinds of daughters.

The first one is the daughter of Hong Kong's current Chief Executive:

And of course, our very own poster child for living the high life:

I can understand, to a certain degree, the need to show off.After all, I am a blogger. Andwe are a product of a society that worships social media.

In fact, we can claim to have modernlyredefined the word “share”to include everything.Everything – from food, outfit, purchases, conversations, to relationships – are exhaustively tracked and updated.We have been obsessed with trying to record every microscopic detail of our lives.

But for what purpose?I can assure you that years ago, anyone who would be so interested in knowing about your breakfast and the color of your toothbrush are people you would probably file a restraining order against. 

But now, we get so high with being followed not only by our friends and families but also by strangers.I bet you …

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Storyteller, Bestseller

I am at heart, a storyteller.

That is why I am a writer.

And I am also proud to say that I am a book.

Yes, you read it right.  I am a human book.

I have recently participated in the Philippine's first ever Human Library event.

Here are my pictures with some of my fellow Human Books:

The idea for the Human Library started in Denmark as a result of a group of youngsters wish to raise awareness against violence. Here in the Philippines, we are doing the Human Library to stop stereotyping and prejudices. Below are the line up of the human books available and their titles: Read, listen, volunteer, change.   Get to know more about the Human Library here. Note:  Some images courtesy of DLSU Library 

Single and Must Love Dogs

I know that spinsters have always been associated with cats and this shirt says it all.

Personally, I am more of a "must-love-dogs" person.

I've recently read an article that says that more and more singles are getting pets "as they look to fill a sense of love and family in their lives".

In fact, this article further states that in US alone from 2006 to 2011:

Pet ownership among divorced, widowed and separated adults grew by 17.7 percent, from 51.3 to 60.4 percent.The number of single men living alone with pets increased by 27.7 percent, from 34.3 to 43.8 percent.The number of single women living alone with pets increased by 22 percent, from 46.8 to 57.1 percent.Interesting right?
And I have also discovered websites catering to pet lovers looking for love or just waiting to be found.
And if you do not believe me, why not check these out? boasts of being the FIRST niche website designed specifically for singles who love dogs. This …

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