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David Nicholls Made Me Cry

Some books are meant to be devoured.  Some, slowly nibbled like a melt-in-your-mouth, bittersweet, dark chocolate.

Just like this book by David Nicholls.
This book, which features bestfriends Dex and Em, as they revisit the day July 15 for the next 20 years of their lives, is the highest selling British book of 2010.

A sort of coming of age story of two friends, we follow them through their first meeting in college, through middle age and beyond while they experience love, laughter, success, dissapointments and missed opportunities together or away from each other.Reading this book makes you feel like a close companion of the two, seeing through their lives and their feelings and definitely, definitely wanting them to end up together.
Whether they do or they don’t is up to you to find out.
There were moments where I hated to end each chapter as I will only be left wondering what would happen next.And be surprised the next page.

This book is part funny, part sad but absolutely moving. I loat…

Watch: Manny Pacquiao Doing His Bit For Charity

He's a boxer, a politician, a host, a wannabe singer and a family man. And he's also doing this for the less fortunate children of this world.
Come on, give the man a break.
Good job, Manny!

Riley is My Kind of Girl

I'm with you girl!

Not all girls like pink and princesses. In fact some of us want superheroes too.

Ho,ho,ho...Holiday Greetings!

This was just another attempt at being creative...

Took a shot of our stairways at the office and made it into a Christmas Card.

So what do you think?

Palawan themed Picture Wins the Places Category of the 2011 National Geographic Photo Contest

A beautiful rainbow after the rain, into the green zone of the Palawan Islands. Location: Onuk island, Balabac Palawan, Philippines2011 National Geographic Photo Contest. Photo and caption by George Tapan

To Gift or Not to Gift?

Since it’s the season of giving, I am posting some advice on how to practice gift giving this Christmas.
Let’s start with the Office.The Office is a tricky one since there are all kinds of people here - people we like, admire, hate and even envy.So here are a few tips:

What gifts to give really depend on your organizational culture. In fact, business etiquette books do not really require one to give gifts. So it is important to focus on the meaning of the gift and not the cost.The more lavish the gift, the more awkward it will be for the receiver (esp. if it’s your boss).In fact, I discourage you to give gifts of value to your boss because first, it might be perceived as means offorming a more favorable attachment to him/her or a way of asking favor.

But if you still feel that you really want to show your thanks through a gift, keep it simple or better yet, ask the rest of the group to share on the gift so it’s not just you getting the credit.

If you want it safe and simple, a heartfelt e…

Christmas Will Come and Go Even If We Have Less

How's your Christmas?

To many of us who think that the worst thing about this season is having less money to spend on, let us then pause for a moment to reflect on the plight of our fellow Filipinos who have been victims of the recent typhoon.

While it may seem that the worst is finally over and people can now return to their home towns and try to rebuild and reclaim their previous lives, we must never forget the life lessons that this sweeping tragedy has taught us.

Life is short and precious.  And material things, no matter how costly are nothing compared to the lives of the people we love.

In these trying times, it is our faith and resilience as a Filipino that will help us get through whatever trials we are still to encounter.

As for our fellow kababayan's, they might be homeless but certainly not hopeless.

Note: Photo courtesy of Christian Zamora, taken by his brother Rem.

I am also posting the link to for all those interested to help.

Coffee Please...

Just another reason not to miss my favorite drink of the day...

Gift for Her

For a seafarer, this is a great gift idea ...

As you know, women love jewelry and the design will surely remind them of you.

Got this from the site Old Soul, New Heart.  This is the link:

How to be a Spy?

I recently read this article and I though that I should share it with you.

For spy-wannabes, here is a chance to try out for your dream job...

Here's an excerpt from the article:

LONDON — Psst! Wanna be a spy?

Back in the cloak-and-dagger days of secret intelligence work, Britain’s espionage agencies liked to recruit in the ivied colleges of Oxford and Cambridge, even if that brought them some of the most notorious turncoats of the 20th century, men like Kim Philby and other Cambridge spies who handed atom bomb secrets to the Soviet Union in the 1940s and 1950s before defecting to Moscow.

In the Internet age, the spy catchers have been forced to go digital, democratic and, old-timers might say, outright pop. Their latest wheeze, causing a buzz on the Internet — and stirring a torrent of Web chat among people identifying themselves as hackers — is an online cryptographic puzzle that promises a fast track to recruitment as spies for those who solve it before the challenge expires on …

David Beckham in Manila


David Beckham and I are on the same side of the universe.  Seeing the same sights and breathing the same polluted Manila air.

Yep, Becks and the rest of the LA Galaxy team are here to have a friendly game with our very own Azkals.

Me and the rest of the girls are just waiting for him to take his shirt off after the game.


I have come across the term “Holidate” from the an article in the Huff Post yesterday. And since this season is one of the dreaded ones in my calendar (next to Valentines day), I figured I better find some sort of sanity in dealing with my lack of special someone this Christmas.

My family and friends have always treated my singleness as a mystery that they have to unravel.  Or more like a disease they need to cure.

At times I find it funny if not downright amusing and ridiculous. But on sensitive times of the year (like this one), I find it annoying and stressful.

Lord knows I have tried everything from feigning ignorance to sarcasm, and even some dash of bitchiness.

But they never stop.

I on the other hand, have stopped wondering why they do this. Now, I am just glad to give them some reason to be entertained. Afterall, I aim to please.

Then I found this article that shows just how creative and ingenious (or maybe a bit desperate) some people can be in trying to survive the holidays…