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Dog Bites and Puppy Love

I love dogs.  And puppies for me are the sweetest creatures on earth. I have included here some of my practice shots of our newest puppy christened as "Chrisma" (a derivative of "Christmas" since she arrived December 24, hence the shortened name) or "Muymuy" as we fondly call her.

I treat dogs not just as a pet, but as a family. And as they say, there are many benefits to owning a dog.  They can improve your mood.  They encourage you to run and get some exercise.  They make you happy. They are loyal, supportive, affectionate and devoted.  Just being greeted by their waging tale puts a smile to my face no matter how bad my day went.

They even say that dog owners live longer because they cope better with stress and do not suffer from depression.  But now, we do not merely have dogs for companionship.  They guard our property, assist the blind, they are often used in search and rescue. They never ask for anything in return and they make it their mission to …

Be Delicious

I love being single.  And the best thing about being single is the freedom to live my life the way I want it.  I do want I want, eat what I want and wear what I want when and how I want.  But a friend also told me once that you can easily notice the single girl in the group by how much attention she gives her appearance.  True, every single girl wants to always look their best.  Afterall, as they say "If you are single, everyday is a great day to meet someone special".  My take on this is not so much on appearances.  Those of you who know me would agree that I am not a pretty girl.  But...yes there's a but.  I take care of myself.  I make sure that I appear decent if not somewhat presentable.  And my best advice?  Wear a signature scent.  For me, nothing says beauty more than a clean, fresh, subtle scent.  My scent?  It has always been Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden, which smells like light citrus on a cool sunday morning.  But recently, I have discovered an even amazing s…

Post Holiday Season Sickness

Another year has passed and as with all the excitement and stress one has acquired this holidays, there is a sigh of relief for being able to survive the season.
 I for one, who thought myself so smart for starting to do my Christmas shopping by September was still caught in the holiday rush.  How I hated being near the mall for it turned out to be the most unrelaxing place on earth these past few months.  Even the usual relaxing friday coffee meetups with friends has turned out to be a gift giving fiasco.  It seems that all my nights were all spent going thru my lists, wrapping gifts and writing cards.
I fondly remember past childhood Christmases were all I think about was getting the book that I want.  Yes, even as a child, I have always been a "reader not a player" :-).  As a child, I can't wait for Christmas to come.  And now ironically, I cannot wait for it to be over.  Adulthood has made me an impatient grinch.
The impatience I guess, comes from the fact that we are …