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Its one of the films I would gladly watch over and over again. In fact I have promised myself to watch it every Christmas. It's an affirmation that LOVE exists, in whatever form. That it doesn't have to be a romantic love or a passionate one. It exists in all forms and its everywhere. It was fun catching it on Star Movies too, especially this Holidays. Watching it reminded me what this season is really all about... LOVE. And, while I may not have the resources(pera) to give some tangible proof of that love (as in regalo/gifts/presents), I resolved to give LOVE instead. And isn't it the greatest gift of all? I am particularly touched when, instead of the usual christmas text greeting, i get ILUVU instead. Its kind of sweet and special to hear that from friends and long lost acquaintances. and, although it may sound corny (esp. coming from me) I think that we deserve to be truly truthful this Christmas. There is absolutely nothing wrong with telling y…

Cartoon Wisdom

I am a great fan of Samurai X. Who says you can't learn from cartoons? I have learned a great deal of wisdom from this show that i want to share it all with you.
Here are just some of my favorite quotes:
In this world of memories, there's no need for strangers.-Kenshin to Kaoru
The dead don't desire revenge, but the happiness of the livng. To dirty your small hands would bring joy to no one. -Kenshin to Eiji
Nothing is stronger than the will to live. -Kenshin to Aoshi
The true answer comes not by fighting but by living your life, as you atone for your sins.-Kenshin to Soujirou
Where's the happiness in death? -Kenshin to Hoji
Surpassing your limits is what leads to excellence. Your limits aren't something you decide yourself. -Kenshin
I thought about a lot of things in the living hell you made for me. About life, about death . . . About sin and retribution. And I finally arrived here, at the one truth I can't throw away. I want to protect the people I see here . .…

To Someone Who Didn't Break My Heart But Who Shattered My Dreams

Goodbye by Juana
Didn't mean to hurt you badly Don't think that I am fooling around with you So sorry for the time you've wasted on me So sorry for the things that you went through But I know that the problem's within me You're so nice but your love don't deserve me Or maybe I'm just so scared to fall in love again
...Know I like you but I don't wanna take the risk So confused and I don't know how to deal with it Need some time for awhile before I give my heart away
Don't say goodbye Don't say goodbye I need some time for awhile before I give my heart away
...Learning from the past, don't wanna make a mistake You could be Mr. Right or could be a fake You know I like you but I don't wanna take the risk So confused and I don't know how to deal with it Need some time for awhile before I give my heart away

1st Day Blues

I don't know what's with 1st days...
Late na ako for my 4 pm class...tumatakbo na ako going up the stairs to the 3rd floor... as i was nearing my room, a very distinguished gentleman was entering the other door. I beat him into it...running as fast as i could. As I entered, everyone's eyes was on me... I smiled shyly and cautiously approached the last row and found myself a seat. As they continue discussing (which was for about 10 seconds after my interruption) I noticed something was wrong. They were all old... too old... as in mga late 30's or 40's. They were holding thick books and discussing some legal terms... they couldn't possibly be my classmates? "parang me mali" My mind screamed. So I stood up, and went out.. as fast as I could. as I closed the door, the room went bursting with laughter. I was so embarrassed that I decided to turn back and say (to the instructor) " I'm sorry sir, but I had to ask... is this the 4 pm class?' They…

Almost Lost in Iloilo

We were in Iloilo for 3 days. ksama ko ung mga college buddies ko like but2 and jerome. we were doing the Superferry thing... we stayed at a hotel there. during our first night, we decided to have dinner at Max's at SM city. We took a taxi going there, on the way back, we dropped Jerome (the only guy in our group, the only one who has been there before and who speaks ilonggo) at the St. Paul Hospital, he instructed the driver to take us back to the hotel. it was 10:30 pm and the driver tells us he does'nt know the way. are you kidding??? He is a taxi driver... he should know the way!!! It was our first time there and neither I nor But2 knew the way back. to further aggravate the situation, the driver asks us for directions...bago lng daw sya sa iloilo, he's also from manila like us. Seryoso? Does he expect all his passengers to give him directions? We don't know iloilo and we don't speak Ilonggo. How can he expect us to help him navigate the dark streets. Sobrang n…