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Watch: Amazing iPhone Video Puzzle

This video will amaze the hell out of all the geeks out there.

Hollywood-basedMysteryGuitarManhas madeVideo Puzzle, a music video for his cover of Fun.’s“We Are Young”that uses four well-choreographed and quick-moving iPhones. It took 238 takes to reach this final version.

And great song selection too.

A Cashless Society

I've recently been a fan of internet banking.  The hassles of withdrawing money from the atm, carrying cash and the endless hours of falling in line just to pay my bills are all wiped away by the miracle that is internet banking.

Online purchases are much faster, easier and hassle free.

You can even enroll a separate account for money transfer.

All your money related transactions can be done anywhere as long as you are connected.

I can almost envision a cashless society where "holdups" are a thing of the past (and wallets and purses too).

For BDO users, here is the link: BDO Internet Banking

Watch: The Avengers

I know that Thor might be a little out of place, but what the h***, he looks so fierce and cute looking with his hammer.

Awesome cast and an action packed movie that would please both the diehard fans and the general public.

So worth all the hype.

Watch: Love of Reading Commercial

I can't get enough of this video!!!

"How tired I am of this unbearable distance between us, How I long for the toll of the recess bell. Have you forgotten me? Grown mindless of me? Tell me I am not writing into an abyss or that is what will become of my heart."

So wonderfully cute.

An Excuse To Be Rude

Since I am deep sh*t in work right now, I will share to you something that might help you appreciate those hateful tasks that we all need to do to survive the hell that we call "work".

Let us talk about Effort Justification:
According to The Daily Omnivore:

"Effort justification is an idea and paradigm in social psychology stemming from psychologist Leon Festinger’s theory of Cognitive Dissonance (discomfort caused by holding conflicting thoughts or feelings at the same time). Effort justification is people’s tendency to attribute a greater value (more than the objective value) to an outcome they had to put effort into acquiring or achieving.   In short, this theory states that people tend to like things more as the cost or effort to get a certain thing increases."
An good example for this are sites like Facebook, which requires an invitation or friend request  to be able to access other users. This meant that people had to actively seek out an invitation in order t…

Faces of the Forgotten

Is death better than a life filled with misery?

Acid victim Fakhra Younas of Pakistan killed herself by jumping from her apartment building.  She was 33.

In her younger years, Ms. Younas was a beautiful, vibrant woman.  Through her beauty, she has risen from being a prostitute by marrying the wealthy Bilal Khar from a prominent land owning family in Pakistan. 

This is the same man who has been accused of dousing her with acid while she was sleeping.

Fearing for her life, she has sought safety in Rome where she has undergone 38 surgeries to repair her burnt face. 

These kinds of horrific attacks on women are common not only in Pakistan but in few other Asian countries.  Men doused their wives with acid for disloyalty and disobedience.  In India, “Bride Burning” is the husband’s way of getting rid of his wife so he can marry another and secure a bigger dowry. 

It is disheartening to realize that in Asia, these incidents are common news.  News that would eventually become statistics with no…

Watch: The Voice - Season 2

Move over American Idol.  The Voice season 2 is here.
I love the Blind Auditions because it is all about the essence of the show which as Betty White in this commercial says: "It's about time somebody wanted me for my voice, and not my body." And I'm gonna watch this one if only for this badass commercial.
And Blake Shelton's dimples of course!

The Truth and nothing but...

To anyone who’s a fan of Chuck, you can surely recognize this face who started it all - Bryce Larkin. 

In real life, he is Matthew Bomer.  And he has just informed the world that he is gay.

I have gay friends. And it has never been an issue with any of us.  

I have always believed in the freedom of choice and adhered to the motto that says “the best that you can be, will always be your choice”. For me, gender like race, do not determine the goodness of the person.

And in a society where it is very difficult to be different, we must applaud these guys who continue to advocate the truth. Because as the English novelist George Orwell said:  
“In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

Going Away

"A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking."
- Earl Wilson
One of my favorite person in the blogosphere, Jonah Lehrer (author of Proust Was A Neuroscientist)  wrote about the importance of vacation. 

Here is an excerpt:

This blog post is an elaborate rationalization for why such lazy vacations are so useful. While it’s always tempting to sneak a peek at e-mail in between poolside naps, or to drop by the office on Christmas afternoon, that’s a terrible idea. The reason is simple: When we feel distant from our work — when it seems wonderfully far away — we are able to think about work in a new way. As a result, seemingly impossible problems — that challenge we’ve been struggling with for months — are suddenly solvable. We have the breakthrough while on break.
Look, for instance, at a recent experiment (“Lessons from a Faraway land: The effect of spatial distance on creative cognition“) led by the psychologist Lile Jia at Indiana Universi…