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Of Wrinkles and Worries

This year is ending and with it the happy, crazy, weird and melodramatic memories that go with it.

I’m afraid I will not be able to list all the important moments of my life here and you’d probably not be interested.

But if there are things I’d remember this year by, these are…
Be thankful for good friends.Life is too short to be miserable. Make an effort to connect and work on your relationships because in the end, that is what really matters.
Someone told me that you can never be truly rich until you have something money can’t buy.
And for me, family is up there on that list.

Speaking of family...

I have been given a cute but wrinkly gift this Christmas.My first ever nephew who goes by the name Blythe Gabrian.

According to my sister, Blythe means "happy and without worry".Truth is she named him after her fictional crush Gilbert Blythe from Anne of the Green Gables series.

Gabrian means  "God's able-bodied one".
How I wish that he will indeed have nothing to worry about…

December Shoulds...

I'd like to start my December post by saying "Thank You" to all the people who has shared my life this 2015.

I hope you all know who you are (and that includes you, PM Justin Trudeau).

These holiday season,  I urge everyone to:

1.  Give the gift of forgiveness.  Hate will only ruin your happiness and peace of mind.

2.  Get organized.  Use those vacation days to try to fix and manage your possessions. 

3.  Based on above - Donate, donate, donate.  Your "has been's" might be another person's treasure.

4.  Reconnect with loved ones.  Call, text, email, write...whatever suits you.  Just make sure that you make an effort to reach out.

5.  Share.  From simple things such as your time, your stories, your richness (financial and everything else).  Do not forget that this is the season for giving.

Lastly, believe...

... in the magic of Christmas,
... in love,
... in yourself,
.... and in the goodness of human hearts.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Loveisms #16