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Practical Solutions

It was only a matter of time for something like this to come out. I saw this one on the net and I have to admit that I was impressed. The U-Socket adds two additional USB ports next to your traditional power outlets, providing a charging station for your electronic devices without having to turn your computer on.

Isn't it brilliant?


There aren't so many movies that gets me excited.  This one did.

When I heard that this movie will be a retelling of my fave fairy tale Beauty and the Beast, I almost fainted.  Mainly because: 1.  It's a modern take on such a classic fairy tale (sort of Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet) 2.  It stars Alex Pettyfer, who I loved in I am Number 4 3.  It has Neil Patrick Harris, who I think is one of the most lovable gays of our generation.
4.  Beauty is played by a Vanessa Hudgens, which is a surprising choice for this movie
I would say that with an interesting cast such as this, and with a good story to base it on, its hard to get it wrong.  Unfortunately, this movie has got to be one of the most dissapointing I've watched so far.
There was no chemistry between the lead actors.  Alex, though a  wonder to look at is uninteresting while Vanessa looks bored the entire move and is almost unrecognizable(really, one has to wonder which is which). 
Also, if you are basing your movie on…

7 Billion: Are You Typical? -- National Geographic Magazine

Who is  a typical person?  I really don't know so I decided to post this one from the National Geographic Magazine.  According to this video, the most typical person is a 28 year old Han Chinese man.  It even has a picture which the researchers produced by averaging approximately 190,000 photos to create a composite image.  This video is so cool in a nerdy kind of way.  Love it!

Fairy Tales and heartaches

I watched the Royal Wedding with a heavy heart.  As I posted on my twitter account:

Sana next time, equal opportunity for all.

Food for the Gods

As a foodlover, passable cook and picky eater, I have a noticed a change in the way food plays in our lives and in our culture. It has become more than one of life's great pleasures. It has become a signifier of style, too. “You are what you eat" says the supermodels. What you purchase in the supermarket or the items included in your grocery list are influenced by your favorite celebrity and their diet. Food defines your identity and lifestyle.
Television now is filled with reality shows about food and cooking. Every celebrity who can cook and spent some time in the kitchen has released a cookbook of their favorite if not original recipes. Cookbooks remain to be popular as ever. Even I have a favorite celebrity chef (who just happens to be goodlooking too).
 We even have Junior Masterchefs who can whip up a souffle in 20 minutes. Kids are growing up wanting to be chefs and favoring organic food. We want our meat lean and cut precisely. We go to themed restaurants. We w…

Superheroes are Real

I am a working class girl.  My daily routine is an 8 to 5 job that revolves around meetings, monitoring of incidents and training updates, monthly reports, coffee breaks, power lunch, etc. 

I am proud of my work.  To say the I absolutely love it would be an exageration but I can safely state that I find fulfillment in what I do.   Though there may be times that I want to scream in frustration, I am thankful that I have an exciting job that keeps me from being bored and annoying people.

Now to give honor to my fellow working class and to celebrate Labor Day, I will post these lovely pictures that I found on the net from a very creative photographer.  I'm sorry I can't remember his name but his pictures are simply superb:

 To say that our workers are superheroes is an understatement because not only do they work impossible hours in so little pay, they constantly have to endure inhuman working conditions and for our OFW's, time away from their families. …