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Where's the honor in that?

A 25 year old pregnant Pakistani woman was stoned to death by her family.  Why?  Because she married the man she loves.
In this day and age where people are so concerned about women’s rights, - reproductive health, breaking the glass ceiling and getting equal pay,I find it did hard to accept that some women are still
being killed for practicing what is obviously every person’s basic right – the right to love.

Killed and mistreated by their own families, no less.

In some cultures, this is termed as “honor killing”.A tradition practiced in some countries of killing a family member who is believed to have brought shame to the family.

Victims are usually women who refuse arranged marriages or are in a relationship not approved by their family.In some instances, being a victim of rape and domestic abuse can also causewomen to be sentenced to death.
In some countries like Turkey, they even have what is termed as “forced suicide” which is a substitute to honor killing.

But why the killing…

Watch: Fracture

Some intelligent movies are good because they make you think.

Some are better because they make you think and swoon at the same time.

Staring the ever creepy Anthony Hopkins and the Oh so charming, please-don’t-look-at-me-like-that creation that is Ryan Gosling, this thriller plays with your mind while teasing your senses.

The basis for the movie is not unusual.Husband kills the philandering wife and tries to get away with it.Enter our hero, a young integrity driven man bent on seeking justice for all.

Unfortunately, not only is justice elusive, it is also very tricky and challenging.

Mr. Hopkins plays the genius, guilty husband while Mr. Gorgeous plays a young, career driven lawyer bent on getting him convicted.

To be fair to Mr. Hopkins, while his face alone can induce nightmares, he also has this mesmerizing voice and weird acting style that is really one of a kind.Especially since you believe him to be super evil and diabolical.

Ryan on the other hand, is the only guy I know who can be b…

Her World

" I don't mind living in a man's world, as long as I can be a woman in it."- Marilyn Monroe

If Tommorow Never Comes

When you know that you do not have tomorrow, how will you live today? We always think that we will always have later.  But what if now is all the time that you have? **** Death certainly puts things in a different perspective.  It made me realize that the someday I was planning for might never come. So spend time with the people you love.  Be selfish about it.  Even if they don't love you.  Even if they don't want to.  Because the biggest regret you'll ever have is not showing people how you feel while it still matters. I'll let you reflect on that with one of my favorite poem from the great Francesco Petrarch about love and loss.