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Read: Rebecca

Marilyn got this one right

“A career is wonderful, but you can’t curl up with it on a cold night.” - Marilyn Monroe

Watch: Bangkok Traffic (Love) Story

Girl feels alone because all her friends are getting married. During one unfortunate accident, she meets a guy and falls in love with him. Guy doesn't notice her and seems not interested. Following a friend's advise, she stalks him and finally, after a series of almost meet ups and mishaps, he invites her to spend the holidays with him.  

Then she learns that he has to leave to study abroad. Before he leaves, he sends over a box  filled with memorable items he has collected from their short time together. She realizes she's willing to take a risk with a long distance relationship. She runs to the airport only to find out that his flight has already left. 

Girl to her friend: If this was a love story, shouldn't I have been on time? 

The story's a little bit loose.  The direction a little sloppy, but it has it's charming moments and funny lines.  Overall, a passable rom-com for those not too picky with their cinematic experiences.

I do not know why I c…

Now it's HOT?

Hot guys reading books... see example below and click on the link here:

Known to his friends as the Geek Mystic, Christopher is a modern day philosopher.  He received his Masters of Philosophy at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium. In addition to his philosophical interests, he travels constantly, reads and evaluates Sacred Texts, and practices citizen journalism.  The submitter writes that Christopher “makes anything esoteric sound erotic” to her.   (thanks, dreitoledo!)

And now, Hot guys who cook...

As women, we do it all the time.  But if a guy's doing it, it suddenly becomes HOT???

What the...

The Illussions of Mr. Christian Grey

Ok, I think it’s time we talk about Fifty Shades and Mr. Christian Grey.

I’ve read the first book andI’m putting the others on my ever growing list of “books I should read when I’m bored or lonely”

But I’ve read spoilers on how the series end and I’m not surprised.Romance novels tend to have the same happily ever after endings.

Let me just say that I hope to hell that a guy like that do NOT exist.

Here’s why:

Guys like him give us hope.But a FALSE hope.

I’ve learned in life that bad guys don’t change.They may become sweet, generous and attentive one moment but you can be assured that they would turn back to their old true selves again at the slightest provocation.

Chances are, unless you’re a pro (psychologist, psychiatrist or any kind of therapist) do not attempt to do some sort of counseling to change these guys.

I’m not saying it’s impossible.What I’m saying is that it would require a big risk, years of hard work, effort,frustration, tears and tons of patience on your part.And he ha…


This is not a river.

This is actually our street after the weeklong rain has finally submerged the greater Manila area.

Last week has been a "lessons learned" marathon  for all of us on how to survive when the weeklong rains finally submerged the greater part of Manila.
I was partly sad and ashamed for myself.  Ondoy should have taught me enough lessons to last a lifetime.
But though I would credit my good upbringing in making me entirely optimistic about life, I should have been more prepared and paranoid.
As we all should be in these trying times.
I am posting here Spot Ph's Ultimate Guide To Your Trusty Flood Kit which urges us to have the ff. ready: 1. Flashlight with batteries 2. Transistor Radio 3. Easy to cook meals and rice 4. Clothing 5. Important documents 6. Rope 7. Improvised flotation devices 8. Life vest 9. Whistle 10. First aid kit
It never hurts to be prepared. Goodluck!

The Life of the Boring and Free

Can't wait to devour these books.

2012 London Olympics - Fair and Square

My sisters and I stayed up late last weekend just to watch the much hyped London opening ceremonies.

And I'm glad to say that it did not disappoint.
It has athletes, actors, dignitaries and royalty. 

Surpises, blunders and controversies.   

And it is an inspiring one as well. 

Because for the first time, all competing countries sent out their own female athletes.With Saudi Arabia sending two.

I don't care if they don't win.  Just being there and parading as part of their country's contingent already sends a very inspiring message to all women who live and struggle in male dominated cultures.

And I have to applaud the Olympic committee and various human rights group for pushing towards gender equality in the field of sports. 

Good to know that countries such as Brunei, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are slowly willing to change and is embracing the values of equality and fair play.

Even Iraq’s flag bearer is a woman.

You may click on this link for an inspiring article on Saudi's …