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Jason Silva is LOVE

I. cant. decide. who. is. cuter.


From "Steak with a brain" to "Looking into your eyes actually feels like looking at a galaxy."

Jason Silva strings all these words in such mesmerizing way that even the baby is amazingly hypnotized.


Watch: Ricardo Semler - Radical wisdom for a company, a school, a life

This guy rocks!

I am in awe of Ricardo Semler.

This genius level innovator is definitely in the league with Steve Jobs, but definitely with more charm.  No offense to Mr. Jobs and his fans.

Have a mentioned that he is a Brazilian?  The race that makes me think of frolicking in sandy white beaches and tanned, washboard abs.

OK, enough of that.

From him I learned about “terminal days”.
Here is an excerpt from his Ted talk:

On Mondays and Thursdays, I learn how to die.
I call them my terminal days. My wife Fernanda doesn't like the term, but a lot of people in my family died of melanoma cancer and my parents and grandparents had it. And I kept thinking, one day I could be sitting in front of a doctor who looks at my exams and says, "Ricardo, things don't look very good. You have six months or a year to live."

And you start thinking about what you would do with this time... You spend a good part of the time crying, probably. So I said, I'm going to do something else.