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Find Your Own Contest

Why have we made it our business to look down on people who cannot speak good English?

I am proud of what Maxine has accomplished.  That she was able to do that amidst all the bashers who think they are better individuals than her, is a source of pride in itself.

My message to all those bashers (please note that I am being liberal in using the word "might" here):

You might be smart... you might be good at speaking a foreign language... but Ate, you are lacking the height, good looks and poise to compete head to head with all these global beauties.  In short, this is a beauty contest and all you have is your beautiful English and you won't (and can't) win with just that.

Out of the Box and Into Our Hearts

If there's such a time when we needed more videos to remind us that the entire humanity is made up of people with hearts and heartbreaking stories, then this is it.

This made me smile, it made me cry and it made me believe that acceptance is easy once you learn each other's story.

Wonder and Wander 2017

Writing is one of my passion.

And I will continue to write until I can make a sense of the world which continues to be an everyday wonder.

Yesterday, I woke up feeling so happy thinking it is already Friday. 

And while I have no particular reason to hate any days of the week, I am a Friday lover because that is the time when I can forget to sleep and stay awake all night long without feeling guilty.

And Friday ushers in the weekend where I can spend time in bed all day long.

Yes I am a simple, boring, lazy girl and I'm proud of it.

Then I realized it was just Thursday.  So I went to a coffee shop to buy myself some glazed donut and overpriced coffee to block my disappointment.

Yes, I'm a food obsessed, irrational girl and I'm not proud of it.

One thing I am happy about is that I recently discovered Spotify.  This music streaming app is as valuable to me as food - I cannot live without it.

If you live alone, music is your friend.  It drowns out the loneliness of living alone and pre…