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Isko, at What Cost?

My sister and I spent Independence Day visiting the my youngest sister’s new school – UP Los BaƱos or Elbi to its students.

UPLB is known as a university town with residential areas all around the campus.

We initially had problems allowing her to study there.  In the recent months, UPLB has cemented its reputation as one of the most unsafe campuses in the country due to the two rape-slay cases and one robbery-murder in just five months.

In my time, UPLB was known for the rape slay and murder of two of its students in 1993 by then Mayor Antonio Sanchez.One of the most high profile cases in recent history.

Students say that UPLB has since beefed up their security by employing more guards and putting up light posts along the roads.  I do not know if this is true.  Roaming around the area, I never once saw any guards or police in the vicinity.  There was no security check within the campus and even inside her dorm.
The UPLB compound consists of hectares of dark and highly forrested area.  Y…

Night Stars

For the night
Shows stars and women in a better light. - Lord Byron, Don Juan (1818-24), Canto II, Stanza 152 Note:  Image from deviantart 

A War, a Love Story and a Tragedy

“I Lost My Love in Baghdad” is a straightforward title for a book about a war correspondent whose girlfriend was killed by Sunni extremist during the Iraqi war.

I love wartime stories so I bought the book on a whim and finished it months ago. I do not know which subject fascinated me more – the reckless, action packed war or the gently evolving love story embedded in the author's layered descriptions of daily fighting and survival.

Reading the book, you are intrigued to learn more about the war, then you slowly become captivated and curious about this young adventurous couple, their budding relationship and struggles.

But you don’t want the story to end.Because you know, it will end badly.

This is a story about a journalist trying to write about love and the consequences of war...

And in January 2007, just mere months after Andi followed Michael in Baghdad, she and her convoy of 3 bodyguards were ambushed by Sunni extremists on the way to a meeting.

I almost believed that Michael’s li…

The Day I Think About You More

To live in hearts we leave behind Is not to die.
 - Thomas Campbell, "Hallowed Ground"

A lot of things on my mind right now so I am unable to focus and write. I thought to just give the link to my previous Father's Day posts.

A Father's Day Thank You Message 2012.

Father's Day post 2011.

I think I would need to find some more pictures of my dad.  Sad that we didn't have any together.

And my message this year:

Father's Day.  The day I think I think about you more.

Because I think about you, just a little, everyday.

Happy Father's Day!

Listen: Stereomoods

My old trusted Ipod contains 516 songs.

But sometimes I like listening to tracks that reflect my current state of mind.

Good thing I’ve discovered Stereomood.

Stereomood “turns your mood into music”by featuring playlists according to your what you’re feeling.

And they have music for all the moods you can think of - Happy, calm, smitten, melancholy, energetic, laid back, hypnotic…

Or playlists for:

Second Chance
Wouldn't it be nice to have a second shot at life sometimes? Well songs are so lucky they get to be rearranged and sung by different artists. Originals may not always be the best ones, have a listen to this playlist of cover songs and judge...

Night Drive Drive through the clouds and stay up with the sounds that make you feel like a nightime film villain.  Sounds of Parov Stelar, Jolly Mare, Kavinsky and lots more. Even moods like:
I’m not thinking of you Just woke up
Spring Break
Absolutely Mad

Andthe one on everyone’s list – Sitting on the Toilet
You can even buy the songs and get some…

Watch: Game of Thrones - Red Wedding

HBO just stabbed my heart and fed it to the wolves.
What would probably be deemed as the most horrific and unsettling episode in my existence is all HBO's fault.  I mean, they could have done it differently for their audience since this is the TV adaptation.

But they didn't.

For a while, I was left unbreathing and stunned by what just happened.

All the Starks, slaughtered?

I can understand the need for killing well loved characters - to build up suspense and make way for new ones.  And I have a very high tolerance for gritty and action packed violent scenes.

But GOT has the habit of killing our MOST favorite characters, and in the most unsettling ways.

And to kill the wolf as well?

I just hope that no animals were harmed in the filming of that scene.

If there is one thing I've learned, its that in life as well as in TV - Look, enjoy but never, ever get too attached or fall in love.

And I am never, ever falling in love again with a TV character.

I am so broken, I am not so …

Watch: Before Midnight

I know its crazy to be this excited about a movie, but give me a break.

It's been 10 years since Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy showed us the beauty of using public transpo and the sweet magic of first meetings.

This movie actually made me and a lot of friends believe that riding trains are a good way to meet someone.

Only here, that someone is not as cool, good looking and sweet smelling as Ethan Hawke.

And there's always the risk of meeting a psycho.

For the longest time, Before Sunrise and Before Sunset represented to me an opportunity.  The chance to meet someone at random and feel that unexplainable bond.  Or the likelihood of unexpectedly reconnecting with someone you had an intense experience with.

Now I know that it doesn't happen in real life.

Still, I grew up inspired by these movies.  And to learn that a third installment is on its way felt like a validation of all the hopes and experiences I had as influenced by these characters.

And now, I am finally watching the…