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Take this test before you take the plunge

Are you the room mate type?
I’m not and I do not think I will ever be.

Living at home with 3 wild, mad and crazy sisters gave me anger management issues.  So I jumped at the opportunity to live alone as fast as I can.

And I admit as much as I love my sisters, I want to kill them sometimes.

It’s a good news then that a test have been developed so you can easily check if you and your potential room mate (lover, best friend, etc.) are compatible in living together.

Patterned from the Myers–Briggs personality test, it asks interesting questions related to:

- Location
- Money
- Friends
- Chores
Go ahead and take it.  Trust me, you would need it someday.  This is the link.
I have tried it and below is my result:

Superbaby Rules the World

This is one gifted and amazing child.

I'll be giving an ode to my nerdy self by saying that I am wonderfully ecstatic that my idols Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman are having a baby.

An artistic, genius superbaby who will rule the world as I retire and lay on my deathbed.

That just makes me extremely hopeful and excited for the future generation.

Lovesims #12

Watch: Suits

What would you do if you have a superbrain that can understand and remember everything?

Well, for Mike Ross, the answer is easy - pretend to be a Harvard educated lawyer and apply to one of New York's finest law office.

Then work for the legendary Harvey Specter.

Seems there's another bromance brewing here.  (Although original will always be the Winchesters.)

And I just love watching them together.

Of course it helps that they are suave (Harvey) , amazingly boyish (Mike) and sweet (to each other).

You don't believe me?  Guess this picture says it all.

I Guess He Never Really Grew Up

In 2010, 8 Hongkong nationals died during a hostage taking due to a f*ck up by our government negotiators.

Our dear President refused to accept liability and apologize to the grieving and understandably pissed off Hongkong government.

Because of this, thousands of his “bosses” working their ass off in Hongkong were affected by the diplomatic tension.Our tourism industry suffered and Manila was hailed as one of the unsafest places for tourists on earth.

In 2013, the Presidential Disbursement Acceleration Program (PDAP) was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme court.

A plan wholly concocted by and during the Aquinoadministration in whichthe President refused to have any accountability with.

This year, 44 SAF were killed due to (again) government screw ups.

MalacaƱang deemed this as a “misencounter” due to a lack of coordination.

Again, not his fault.

According to Social psychologist Elliot Aronson, our brains work hard to make us think we are doing the right thing, even in the face of some…