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New 7 Wonders of the World

We did it!
The Puerto Princessa Underground River is now officially part of the New 7 Wonders of the World.
After voting, I am now urging you to go and visit.
Nice place, world class experience and warm people...
It's more fun here.

Wake Up to a Wonderful Morning!

Saw this picture from the net and I figured this is a good message to share to everyone.

Have a nice day!

Watch: The Social Network

For anyone who's into Facebook, this is the movie for you.

I admit to having doubts as to how interesting Mark Zuckerberg's life could be.  I mean he's young, rich and brilliant but he's also a nerd and a loner.  So what makes him so special?

One word:  Facebook

The world is not lacking any success stories.  But I guess, Facebook with its 500 million users and more would disagree.

What I liked about this movie is its realness.  It opens in a bar where the nerdy Mark (played by Jesse Eisenberg) is being dumped by his date. An event so common and relatable to a lot of people. The difference is that while many of us would wallow in self pity, alcohol and binge eat, Mark used this period to get creative.

What you get from this movie are typical events all college students experience. Heartbreak, rejection, disappointments, loss, betrayal and broken friendships.  But all played in an unusually distinct way that makes it so interesting.

Mark was portrayed as the perfect an…

Lingerie, baby steps and women's liberation

If you ever heard the saying "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" then you can relate to this post.

In Saudi, a 2006 law banning men from working in female apparel and cosmetic stores has never been implemented due to various conservative groups who are opposed to the idea of women working in common areas visited by men and women, like malls.

Finally, the government has decided to enforce this law effective this month after long standing protests by Saudi women.

Strict Saudi law prohibits mingling of unrelated men and women.

Which kind of makes it awkward for women to be accompanied by male relatives in buying their intimate wear from men behind the counter.

"I and many other women like me were always embarrassed to walk into lingerie shops because men were selling the goods," said Saudi shopper Samar Mohammed.

She said that in the past she often bought the wrong underwear "because I was sensitive about explaining what I wanted to a man."
Saudi w…

Watch: The Joy of Books

Wonderfully brilliant!
If I had any arguments to switching to Kindle, it has just been killed by this video.
"There is nothing quite like a real book."

Watch: In Search of Beauty and Perfection

In these day and age where it's a sin to be ugly...  and it's not normal to be your natural self, here is a video for you.

Personally, it's hysterically painful.

Ladies, there is so much more in life than being perfect and beautiful.  And just so you know, prettiness fades and perfection is impossible.

Let's discover those things together...

Anxiety Girl

Do you overthink every situation?

Do you spend more time worrying than doing things?

Do you always anticipate problems and failures?

If the answer is YES to any of the questions, then you are an Anxiety Girl.

The good news however, is that you can be cured. 

Because you can always change your attitude.

Don't you think 2012 is the perfect time for that?

Tebowing is the New Planking

Finally, a real life religious hero!And I ‘m not talking about Bro. Mike (my apologies, El Shaddai followers).

He is no other than football sensation Tim Tebow who’s term Tebowing can be accredited for.

Let’s start with some trivia:
Tim Tebow is the 24-year old NFL quarterback of the Denver Broncocs. He is a multi awarded athlete, setting collegiate records in football throughout his college years while in the University of Florida.

His post game speech after a loss was imortalized by the University as a testament to his legacy.  It is called "The Promise". 

You can find the link here.

He has spent his early years being homeschooled together with his siblings.And, he was born here in the Philippines to American missionary parents.

Much crticized for showing his faith using inkmarks to display his favorite bible verses, his black ink biblical reference to John 3:16 became the most searched bible verse in google with over 94 million people searching it before and after the game.


Let's Go dreamers!

Listen: Zooey and JGL melt our hearts once again

Absolutely, amazingly adorkable.  Love, love, love these two.
Welcome 2012!!!