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I'm Claiming My Heart Back

I've been in a lot of places and I can definitely say that there are places that make you smile and places that simply take your heart away. Bohol, took my heart away and I have been trying to claim it back ever since.

Nevermind that it's hot. Nevermind that its just the two of us and we didn't have an idea on what to expect. Nevermind that we didn't know anyone there and we didn't speak their language. Nevertheless, it was glorious, it was breathtaking and nearly perfect.

I don't need to mention the sights... a little research would let you know that Bohol is the place of the Chocolate Hills, the tarsier and the Baclayon Church (one of the oldest in the country). I very much wanted to focus on the people and the tourism industry there that is probably one of the most organized I have experienced so far.
The people in Bohol are just so kind and entertaining. I admit that they maybe hard to understand at times but they more than make up for it in their eagernes…

5 Happy Facts

I was watching HappySlip this morning on YouTube and I was inspired to write about my 5 Happy Facts that I'd like to share to people. These are usually the things I do to make myself or other people happy.

1. I love organizing things. The problem with this one is that it makes me happy to see my CD's in order, my books arranged by author, my files in properly named folders, my printed handouts in my neat little box of papers "for future use". I've only been like this recently when I realized that there's no use for keeping and holding on to things if you can't really find them when you need them. And I thought that this would make them happy -- to see their things arranged and in order. And then, I remember the time when I was in highschool where I'm ready to shoot at anyone who would dare enter the sanctity of my room and touch my things. So now, if I want things in order and they're not mine, I just put them out of my sight. Now we're all …

Pick Up Girls

Spent another 3 days in Subic and I swear, I've had enough mind exercises to last me a lifetime.

Did I forget to mention that Subic houses Odfjell Academy which consists of instructors, course developers, academics, geniuses and some, just plain weird people? This is the place where I get lots of mind actions starting from the Return of Investment Project in which I am one of the Champions.

ROI Champion, that alone can cause me to cringe involuntarily. And top it with a list of things I have to accomplish before the yearend as part of our analysis and data collection plan. I have already gotten used to headaches of a different variety.

So a welcome relief came when after going to mass, a friend invited me for a coffee at Mocha Blends (sorry, no starbucks yet in Subic). Nevermind that I had to walk a few miles, knowing that I hate walking but not as much as I crave the commercially blended coffee.

So at around 10 pm, wallet, cellphone and camera at hand, we proceeded to walk. Coff…

Dinagyang Festival

I was fortunate to experience Dinagyang Festival in Iloilo last year.  It was my 5th time in Iloilo and I'm so glad to have been able to visit there and witness this event .  

Celebrated every 4th weekend of January in Iloilo, this event is characterized by frenetic dance moves and hypnotic drumbeats. It is a colorful day of thanksgiving to honor the Christianization of the natives and to pay respect to the Santo Niño . Tribes from around the place perform in 5 judging areas across the city. This streetdance competition is the main event of this festival.
Dancers in unbelievable costumes and black paint dance the streets shouting "Viva Santo Niño!".  These people are just to energetic that they don't seem to notice the heat and their tiredness.

On this day, streets of Iloilo City become a party haven.  Foods of all variety line up the streets and bands from all over the country perform at every corner.  The mood is certainly one of celebration and festivities.  Dinagyan…

If I Were A Boy… (Inspired by Beyonce's song)

“You are the opposite of ordinary” – Edward to Bella

I have always armed myself with good quotes, I even thought that if I were a guy, I would have melted women’s heart with the wide collection of memorable lines that I have stored in my head. In fact, there are a lot of things I would have been good at, if I were a guy.

If I were a boy...

I would never court a girl just because I know she likes me.

This one I can never really understand. Having grown up with boys, I can never understand this weird occurrence that happens once a guy learns that a girl likes him. A reverse psychology of some sort happens and he can’t help himself but like her too. Well, I know there are some exceptions, but really, this makes me wonder. Does knowing someone like you increases the chance of you liking her when you would never have noticed her in the first place?

A guy friend of mine explained to me that guys do this because they can’t help but be attracted to women who “appreciates” the kind of guy that t…

An Uninspiring Story

How many hours before a mother realizes that her 2 year old child is gone? This is the question on my mind right now as an incident near our place involves a 2 year old girl who fell in the Pasig River and was seen floating by the tanods 8 hours later. If this is your child, would you it take you even an hour to notice that she’s gone? How busy would you be not to notice? I pose this question as I cannot believe that any parent would be this careless. I live in an area in Sampaloc where one’s pastime includes people watching and tong-its. Where people wake up to mind everybody else’s business and gossip like they’re an expert on their neighbors’ lives while a lot of us work our ass off to make decent money.

I cannot excuse ignorance. Being a parent is a lifetime responsibility. You cannot turn your back on your children no matter what pathetic excuse you have. It’s bad enough that you allow them to go hungry, stay unclothed and not go to school. But to let them die because you are bu…