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An Uninspiring Story

How many hours before a mother realizes that her 2 year old child is gone? This is the question on my mind right now as an incident near our place involves a 2 year old girl who fell in the Pasig River and was seen floating by the tanods 8 hours later. If this is your child, would you it take you even an hour to notice that she’s gone? How busy would you be not to notice? I pose this question as I cannot believe that any parent would be this careless. I live in an area in Sampaloc where one’s pastime includes people watching and tong-its. Where people wake up to mind everybody else’s business and gossip like they’re an expert on their neighbors’ lives while a lot of us work our ass off to make decent money.

I cannot excuse ignorance. Being a parent is a lifetime responsibility. You cannot turn your back on your children no matter what pathetic excuse you have. It’s bad enough that you allow them to go hungry, stay unclothed and not go to school. But to let them die because you are busy doing nothing is appalling. The most disgusting of it all is the seemingly unfeeling way that people look at the situation. They see a scene like this and just shrug their shoulders and continue living. Not bothering to question why it happened and who is to blame. Personally, I still can’t get over the fact that weeks after this, the parents could just go back to their normal, uncaring life of loitering the streets and making babies at night. Shouldn’t they be punished? If we are so keen on protecting fetuses regardless of its condition, why not more so on already living children? If we condemn women for aborting their children for fear of not being able to give them good lives then how about these unfeeling, insensible parents? It is unforgivable that we allow parents like this to continue to exist while criticizing those who make practical choices. I do not endorse abortion. I believe that it is morally and legally wrong. And I applaud people who continually fight for natural contraception. But sometimes we have to choose the lesser evil in a no-win situation. Rather than allow them to have hordes of children and lead miserable lives, continuing the cycle of poverty, prostitution and crime, I think that they deserve the benefit of at least having options. If these parents were given a choice, the power to at least be informed of their choices, I believe we could lessen incidents like this.

For as long as we continue to let unprepared, immature and irresponsible people be parents then we will continue to be fishing out children from rivers from now on.


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The English Patient

There are movie lines...

And then, there are "the movie lines"

The English Patient is one of my all time favorite movie.  It stars the oh-so-mysterious Ralph Fiennes as Count Almasy (who incidentally is also a real person).

It is based on a novel of the same title by Michael Ondaatje (which is also one of my fave writers).

Michael's writing can be described as "imaginative and whimsical."  He likes to write stories about the ravages of war and the interesting people living it.

He also writes about relationships and betrayal.
 "Betrayals in war are childlike compared with our betrayals during peace. New lovers are nervous and tender, but smash everything. For the heart is an organ of fire." And of course, love.

This movie has "the movie lines" to die for.

Almasy to Katherine:  "Swoon, I'll catch you"
If only this statement can be trusted. If only guys are all like this in real life.


Singapore is so much like Makati -- tall buildings, fast people & talkative Filipino yuppies. Not so much sights but then again, we were there to overspend on pasalubongs and go retail shopping. I don't want to brag, but between here and Manila, Manila wins hands down (on my own standards). :-)

Our hotel was located at Orchard Rd. and it has (thankfully) Starbucks at the groundfloor. We went down one night only to realize that coffee (as with cigarrettes) is so much more pricey there.

Athough, I must say, the air is worth breathing and the streets are super clean. Thank God for countries who respect the rights of non smokers to nice, clean air.

March 8: International Women's Day

International Women's Day is celebrated across the world on March 8th each year. The day is about celebrating the vital role women play in enhancing economic security for their families, communities and countries as a whole while recognising that significant barriers to achieving women's economic security and equality continue to exist.
To know more about it, follow this link:

Just want to share this quote to all the ladies out there: 

A man wears the pants in a relationship but the woman tells the man which pair to put on. 
- Unknown