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When I Chose to Forget You….

I have hated myself, the world, all men… for that one moment.

And yet, the happy in me refused to give it all up.

To be alive is to wake up everyday with a new hope that whatever has happened is now the past.
I control my life.
And I chose to forget you.

When We Win or Lose as a Nation

Today is a holiday of sorts as we all suspend reality to watch this epic boxing match between two of the greatest fighters in history.

With our very own Manny Pacquiao, it was no question who this country (and this girl) is rooting for.

In country as poor and hardship driven as ours, it is no wonder that we continue to breed fierce, hungry warriors who can fight with the best.

And our generation is lucky to be a  witness to this and luckier that within our time, a fighter of Pacquiao's caliber was born.

I never thought that an athlete can bring this much hope and pride to us as a nation.

Win or lose, I will be forever proud.

On a side note:

My boss and his colleagues are here in Pinas to watch the fight because he believes that the next best thing to watching it live in Vegas is to watch it here.

And I say:  Hell yeah!  Hence my current status:

Note:  Image from Twitter