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What the?!?!

What kind of co worker are you?What kind of lover are you?What Game of Thrones character are you?

Really?These type of tests are enough to induce faking spells and panic attack among all of us.

Surely, you know if you are the bitchy co worker (though you won’t admit it)?The loud but attentive lover?The times when you still can't decide between the feisty Arya or the beguiling Daenerys.

And I do not understand people’s fascination with these tests.Facebook is literally swarming with posts of people proud to discover whatever they are.

Buzzfeed has a lot of these tests and if you want to throw away your peace of mind and sense of self, I suggest you go take one.

I actually watched an episode of Ellen where she took the test “Which queen of comedy are you?” and she ended up being Chelsea Handler.

Now, what’s up with that?
I mean, do you really need to take a test to find out what are you?

If you do, then I suggest you stop reading this and go on a trip to find yourself.And goodluck with th…

Eat, Read, Sleep

A good day is when I get to be like this.