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Miniature Polariod Magnets

What a cute and wonderful idea!

Saw these miniature polariod magnets from the craft website and I must say that for anyone who loves pictures and fridge magnets (like me), these are the next best thing. 

Hope I can figure out how to make one of these.

Our Apologies, Amy

Young, talented and struggling with addiction, Amy Winehouse’s death drew mixed reaction from people.  Some say that her early death was inevitable due to her tumultuous, out of control, drug and booze induced lifestyle.

Still, her death was a loss to a music industry that’s already lacking some true, bad ass, wise cracking,  unabashed artists who are not afraid to say what they want.

She was an icon.  With 5 Grammy's to her belt and  with her 2006 Back to Black album, which critics hailed as a refreshing and stylish blend of modern and classic R&B, selling close to 10 million copies worldwide, Amy has made her mark in the industry.  During her album's release, it became the highest charting U.S debut album ever by a British female artist, a record now held by Adele, who is just one of several artists that Amy undeniably paved the way.

Her loss made me realize a lot of things about addiction:
1. Addiction can easily take over and ruin everyone’s life - young and old, rich or…

Awesome Photos

I saw this article in Yahoo and I was captivated.

Being a frustrated photographer, I have always admired great pictures and wondered at all the efforts it took to take them.

But Natsumi Hayashi of Japan certainly makes these "levitation" pictures look effortless.  Which we all know is not because according to her, she sometimes has to jump as much as 300 times just to get that perfect shot.

I say its all worth it!

Here are some of the pics, and I am warning you, describing them as "impressive" is an understatement.

The photographer actually features a "levitating picture of the day" in her blog.
Please visit for more awesome pictures.

The Puerto Princessa Underground River

I've recently travelled to Palawan with my sister.  And while I still have to blog about it, I'm starting with this one because this is one cause close to my heart.

Having visited the Puerto Princessa Underground River, I believe that it deserves to be one of the NEW 7 WONDERS OF THE WORLD.

The Puerto Princessa Subterranean River, measured at 8.2 km is considered as the world's longest navigable underground river. 

It is also one of the Philippines' World Heritage Sites.

The rock formations (stalactites and stalagmites) found on the cave are simply indescribable.  The locals have even termed and named these formations depending on what they look like.

I urge every Filipino to explore our country and see nature's best work.  Let us also share this marvel and make sure that the Puerto Princessa Underground River becomes one of the new 7 wonders of the world.

You may vote online by visiting or you may vote through your cellphone by texting PPUR…

Want of the Moment

I have always been partial to mythical beings .  In college, I wrote a paper on the Creatures of the Dark found in our Filipino Folklore and had a great time researching about it (yes, I was such a nerd).  And while I have read Twilight and continue to watch Supernatural, I am still so desperate to get a hold of this book.

Height of Patriotism

I've already mentioned how I adore Mila Kunis.  But now I love her even more.

In November, Mila will be serving her country in a different style.  Instead of doing spy work or fighting war, she'll be doing it in killer heels and a ball gown.

Mila just agreed to be this soldier's date to the ball.

Sgt. Scott Moore, of the 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines in Musa Qala, Afghanistan, posted this video in YouTube last week asking the "Black Swan" star to accompany him to the Marine Corps. Ball on November 18th in Greenville, North Carolina. It may have seemed a longshot at first, but thanks to the power of the internet, he now has a celebrity date.

Urged by Fox News and prodded by co star Justin Timberlake, who told her "You need to do it for your country", Mila finally agreed to go.

I would have to say that the Sgt's direct approach worked its wonders.

I guess technology do bring us a lot closer.  And in this case, it also makes us luckier.

Cloud of Sparrows

I will always be mesmerized by Japanese history and its people.
In fact, majority of my books are fictional stories of ancient and medieval Japan. And one of my favorites among these is Cloud of Sparrows by Takashi Matsuoka.

A great book should transport you in time through its effective imagery and fascinating storytelling. And Takashi was able to achieve it with this book.
Cloud of Sparrows is a magnificent adventure set in Japan featuring an array of geishas, samurais and Japanese noble men of feudal clans. Told from a Japanese perspective, the story is set years after Western influences invaded Japan after having been closed for many centuries.
Its a good thing that Takashi decided to make a sequel for this book titled Autumn Bridge.

I’ve yet to read that one, if I'm lucky enough to get my hands on a copy.

McKnight - Marry your Daughter (lyrics)

My Dad's long gone and I'm not getting married (at least not now), but this song made me cry.

In our generation where parents and older people are slowly being less regarded by the younger ones, its good to realize that at least some men still carry this sentiment.

If you want to cry too, please PLAY this song and get yourself some tissue.

Weep :-(

The Goddess in Manila

My sister and I scored some fancy seats to Kylie Minogue’s Aphrodite Concert at the Araneta and it was a blast!

For me, Kylie is certainly the next best thing after Madonna. She has been able to stay in the industry for a long time and she is just getting fiercer and sexier.
Her concert is certainly one of the best I have seen so far. My sister also watched Miley and for her Miley’s a 2 compared to Kylie’s 10 plus.

She has pulled out all the stops for this concert (No wonder it costs 15K for the VIP seats). From her Grecian inspired stage, to her golden horse to her costumes.  All are in sync with her goddess theme.
She has interacted with the audience beautifully, even receiving flowers and granting a request of “Especially for You” and singing “Locomotion”.

And when she sang her signature dance songs “Spinning Around” and “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”, the crowd went wild!
I have been to some concerts in Araneta but this is certainly one of the most party oriented crowd I have ever expe…

Talking Dog

I love my dogs. But I'm gonna love them more if they'll be more like this one.