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Lost in Translation

I know I have been remissed with blogging lately, but that's what happens when we are too busy living our lives. Still, my love for writing triggers me to put something out there sometimes.
Ok, I know that not a lot of people is interested in my life. Anyone who's hobby is to check out other people's blog is sadly in need of a diversion. But, I don't blame you. Better that than do drugs right?
So, what have I been doing lately?
Had my first audit with the manuals in language and characters I cannot recognize and with an interpreter too. I could say it was a very educational experience.

I titled this one Lost in Translation because I experienced that while I was in Shanghai a couple of weeks back. Whoever said that our taxi drivers here are rude, should be shifted off to Shanghai immediately. And I thought I was being smart by asking the secretary to write the name of the mall in Chinese and having a hotel card with me (in Chinese too), but as luck would have it, I …

Right on Target

Yehey!... Audit is finally over. The months and days spent agonizing over those TMSA and ISM requirements are all in the past. Overall, we had some NC's and points for improvement but we were told that our QMS here is "the best in class". So, everything's all worth it.

It's good to be on the other side this time. Being an auditor myself, I can somehow relate to how dreadful I might seem to a lot of people. Just the term "audit" is enough to rattle people into closing their doors to your face. Now imagine yourself face to face with the person who's job is to find out if you're really doing your job. Imagine being in a room with someone who would require you to show proofs that you are consistently following the system. And imagine that person endlessly going through every word you say, recording your responses and asking countless of follow up questions.

Now imagine that being me... until the QA System Auditor from the head office comes over. N…

I Need a Break and a Friend

If you know the answer to a question, do you still need to ask it? And if you ask that particular question, does it then become a stupid question? And if you ask a stupid question, does that make you a stupid person? yes, Yes, YES.

The world is filled with stupid persons. This is how I felt last week. And if you'd been living in a cave that long or is in denial, i probably need to tell you that last week was V-day. You see, I am single. I have been single since I or anyone else can remember. And so, I find it very stupid for people who know me to ask questions about "my valentine". Take this instances for example:

1. O, sino na ka Valentine mo?

2. Siguro naman ngayon me ka date ka na?

3. What? Wala ka pa rin boyfriend!?

Sure, these are harmless questions. Questions that were probably asked out of concern or curiosity. They'd probably think that since I'm single and dateless this valentine, I might have this crazy urge to go up a billboard and jump from there. Nev…