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I Need a Break and a Friend

If you know the answer to a question, do you still need to ask it? And if you ask that particular question, does it then become a stupid question? And if you ask a stupid question, does that make you a stupid person? yes, Yes, YES.

The world is filled with stupid persons. This is how I felt last week. And if you'd been living in a cave that long or is in denial, i probably need to tell you that last week was V-day. You see, I am single. I have been single since I or anyone else can remember. And so, I find it very stupid for people who know me to ask questions about "my valentine". Take this instances for example:

1. O, sino na ka Valentine mo?

2. Siguro naman ngayon me ka date ka na?

3. What? Wala ka pa rin boyfriend!?

Sure, these are harmless questions. Questions that were probably asked out of concern or curiosity. They'd probably think that since I'm single and dateless this valentine, I might have this crazy urge to go up a billboard and jump from there. Nevertheless, its irritating knowing that they already have an idea of what my answers would be. Maybe they are forcing me to be creative, maybe they are testing my patience, or maybe as what I said in the first part of this blog... they are just plain S_ _ _ _ _.


If you have been reading my blog, you would have an idea of what kind of family I have. They are big and boisterous. They ask questions that would both put Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda to shame. But they are family. You have to tolerate them for lack of any choice. Now with my friends... ever heard the saying "friends are the family you chose for yourselves"? Then I'd hate to accept that I have made friends with aspiring showbiz hosts.

Now what did I do last week? Did I slash my wrist? Did I overdose on pills? Well, no. As interesting as it may sound, I didn't. I just did what sane, practical, single women out there ought to do on the special day... Go Shopping.

My motto for now is love thyself. And if loving myself entails that I remain alone on this romantic day then yes, a girl has to heal herself and do some retail therapy. Unfortunately, bazaars in Greenhills refused to give us discounts even if we begged them by saying:

"Sige na, tawad na. Wala na nga ka valentines eh". Some would agree but more often they would just take one look at us and snicker (yes, unfortunately I have good looking friends).

And so I end this post with an inspring exchange:

Guy:"Wow ang ganda mo ngayon, in love ka?"
Girl:"Hinde, pero sila in love sa akin"
Girl:"Dahil maganda ako!"

Happy Valentines Day...


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