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Listen: Not Over You

No, I am not heartbroken.  And I am not dedicating this to anyone in my life.

I just want to post this song because I will always be in love with Gavin De Graw.

Gavin has the gift of creating songs that echo our most weepy moments.  Like being in denial about a lost love and not being able to get over someone.

Moments that are weepy, messy and never easy.

Trust me.  Been there, done that.  See related post here.

And while we are on the topic of love and forgeting, I would like to share to you this heartwrenching quote by Joni Mitchell:

"I love you when I forget about me."
Now get your tissue ready and listen to this song.

The Upside of Failure

I’ve already mentioned on my previous post about my favorite blogger Jonah Lehrer. See previous post here.
His new book "Imagine" has become controversial as it was recalled by his publisher due to allegations of plagiarism. 

According to reports, Lehrer has attributed some fictitious quotes to the ever famous Bob Dylan.Further, he has published in his New Yorker blog previous works, word for word, found on his books and former blogs without revealing that it has been published elsewhere.An act some might call “self plagiarism”.

At first, Lehrer denied the allegations.

But as with any other story, truth came out and he was forced to admit his fabrications.

Now I know that a lot of people are sensitive on the issues of intellectual property and plagiarism.I for one, believe that we should give credit where credit is due.And as educated individuals, should not steal each other’s idea.  See related post here and here.

And I do not, in anyway excuse him from his wrongdoings.

But what I…

Of Breasts and Beauty

Actress Angelina Jolie has undergone a preventive double mastectomy last month as revealed by The New York Times. She wrote an opinion piece, titled "My Medical Choice,"which can be found here explaining why she decided to go through with the surgery. And all of a sudden, people think it’s a big deal. It is.  But not if we look at the bigger picture – life. She wants to stay alive, for her family, husband and children. We all value our lives.And we will do anything to stay alive not only for ourselves but for the people who matter to us. 
Just read this open open letter to Angelina by cancer survivor Lisa Hayden and I dare you not to be inspired. 

This is a choice a lot of us make every single day.And for Angelina, the decision to undergo mastectomy might be a harder one due to society’s expectations.  But if hundreds of women each day risk their lives (and die) undergoing various operations to be beautiful, then this choice should not come as a surprise.

Sadly, we all live in a s…

Vintage Mothers

Today is officially Mother's Day, so a big and wonderful shout out to all mothers out there!
Since I literally have no time to write and ponder for a post for today, I just decided to compile a series of vintage mom posters from Pinterest.
You can view my previous posts about mothers here and here.
Incidentally, I also read that Pinterest stress is driving mom's crazy.  Read more about the article from this link.
And I've also realized who came up with the phrase "Love at First Sight"
No other than MOTHERS!

The Lost Art of Boredom

Ever felt like wasting time and doing nothing?

Its actually such a good thing.

Studies say that boredom is a good way to relax our minds.  And when we are in such a state, it actually inspires us to do "good" things.  See more here.

Some also way that boredom enhances creativity since we tend to daydream when bored.

A boredom expert Prof. Peter Toohey (he wrote a book about it), says that:
A lot of people talk about the value of daydreaming, which can also be the product of boring or mildly boring situations, and your best ideas may come from it.'In some religions, boredom can also lead to a feeling of liberation through meditation and heightened sense of awareness and spirituality.

Really, a lot of benefits that I almost wish I am bored right now and not so busy writing this post.

Sexy for a Cause

I'm not really that political, but when someone this HOT and sexy tells you to go out and VOTE, then you should!

But just voting is one thing. They should have added "WISELY" to make the message stronger.

I just hope that other hot celebrity guys would decide to do the same (sexy pose and all) to urge women to go out and vote like this one below:

Okay, so I made that up.  Daniel Matsunaga (who is incidentally Heart's ex) is not really urging us to do anything.  But it doesn't hurt to imagine.

So are you feeling the urge to vote?

Read: King Raven Trilogy

I'm beyond ecstatic that I have finally (FINALLY!) completed my King Raven series.

For those who didn't know, King Raven series is a trilogy featuring our favorite thief - Robin Hood and his band of thieves.

The author, Lawhead, is known for weaving amazing stories of fantasy and fiction.  And this time, he has decided to focus his energy to researching and creating a story about a hero whose sense of justice might be a little twisted (Rob the rich and give to the poor!) but endearing in so many ways.

Here, the Robin Hood legend is alive once again in the presence of Bran, a hesitant heir to the throne whose land and citizens were taken by oppressive conquerors and money grabbing Lords. The story requires him to produce thousands of gold coins to claim his land back and save his people.

What other recourse for this conflicted hero and his ragtag group but to steal?  Steal to set his people free and unite themselves against the enemy.

Just the kind of flawed but enigmatic hero we al…