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The Fall

In a make believe world, anything is possible... Anyone can be a hero.

The movie "The Fall" is concept of director Tarsem Singh. This award winning director would probably be one of the best visual creators of our time. It is set in a 1920's Los Angeles hospital where a young injured girl (Alexandria) befriends a suicidal, heartbroken young man (Roy). They spend their days constructing "an epic tale of love and revenge". The little girl so engrossed with the tale that she never realizes that it was created to lure her in the young man's favor. In the end, he asks her to get her morphine so he can end his life.
The story might be unoriginal, loosely based on several stories, but that cannot be said of its director's talent. His gift of storytelling is magnificent. Every picture showing us his great style in capturing breath taking sights and dreamlike images. The film's shift from fantasy to reality is so swift, it is as if he is convincing us that o…


Had another series of QA related trainings, and one of the important realizations I have encountered is this...Me guy pala na "beauty and brains"?…

I know, it sounds confusing but its true. And for purposes of saving face, I would refrain from mentioning his name since it might cause me a huge embarassment when he happens to read this (He works for PAL as QA, btw).

I’m sorry but i’m sooo impressed with you, i want to cry. You don’t deserve to be beautiful since you’re a guy and you don’t need to be smart because you’re already pretty to start with. What’s more, you seem oblivious to fact that you look good. Dude, if I were you, I would run for public office. You possess a charisma tantamount to Chiz Escudero and Kris Aquino combined. Your looks alone would rival John Lloyd if his complexion is that of Bea. Seeing your hair motivates me to have mine rebonded asap. Your smile would cause anyone diabetes while your shining eyes would make us go blind. You posses an impossible…

Lessons from a Mountain Climb

1. DO NOT OVERPACK - bring only what's necessary. By that, I mean only things you cannot live without, like water, food, toothbrush and extra clothing. Leave your kikay kit behind. You won't have any time to powder your nose as no one will kiss it except the scorching sun.
2. BE READY - sure, you have everything need, prepared for everything, else but you can never be ready for everything. Physically, mentally and even emotionally, you have to be ready for emergencies and small nuances. There is no such thing as a "perfect experience".
3. TRUST YOURSELF - I am not an experienced climber nor will i ever be an expert. But I trust myself enough to know that I can do it. I heard it said before that only you can set you own limitations. No one can tell you what you cannot do. Sure, there are times I almost wanted to faint from heat and exhaustion, almost screamed for help in carrying by backpack but I held myself opting for a 100% experience. Now at least I can boast of…


Singapore is so much like Makati -- tall buildings, fast people & talkative Filipino yuppies. Not so much sights but then again, we were there to overspend on pasalubongs and go retail shopping. I don't want to brag, but between here and Manila, Manila wins hands down (on my own standards). :-)

Our hotel was located at Orchard Rd. and it has (thankfully) Starbucks at the groundfloor. We went down one night only to realize that coffee (as with cigarrettes) is so much more pricey there.

Athough, I must say, the air is worth breathing and the streets are super clean. Thank God for countries who respect the rights of non smokers to nice, clean air.

Reunions - Camp John Hay 2008

Family is an important part of our lives. Sometimes, they become too overbearing that we just want to get away from them as far as we can. But, as much as we don't want to accept their importance in our lives, we know that family is one thing that we will always have. No matter how small and unimportant we become in other's lives, no matter how big a mistake we did, no matter how bitchy we become, they would always be there to accept us... warts and all.
So i'm dedicating this one to my family, who cracks me up a bit sometimes but makes me realize that if i can take this much beating from them, then i can take on the world (or this is just some kind of justification for getting on my nerves intentionally)...

I'm not afraid to be lonely, I just chose not to be

Let's be honest, we all want to be happy. What we do in reaching for that happiness is really what makes a difference. Do we achieve it at the expense of somebody else? Do we equate happiness with being with someone? Do we realize its existence even if we are all alone?
The choice on what makes you happy depends on you. Your choices dictate the kind of life that you lead. let's not try to be happy by being a nuissance to someone. let's not be selfish in understanding that what you want is totally different from what others want. please don't let your happiness make others miserable.
in the end, if all you want is to be happy, you can always choose to be...

Princess Fiona & Shrek

A lot of people think that the reason why I’m not in a relationship is that I’m looking for that one perfect guy who will sweep me off my feet and love me till death. That I want “till death do us part” and the words “forever”. That I actually consider myself a princess in this neverending fairytale of happily ever after. Actually, I don’t. When someone asked me why I still don’t have a boyfriend and why I remain single till now my answer has always been “As corny as it may sound, I want to fall in love. Is that too much to ask?”

Being single, doesn’t mean being free from heartaches. Believe me I have plenty of those, coupled with regrets, indecisions and embarrassing mistakes. I have tried to be happy with someone once, but it didn’t work out. I now refer to him as “ex-someone” since he was never a boyfriend but someone I’m kind of in a “relationship” with. I have experienced the kilig moments, the excitement, the loneliness, the jealousy but sadly, not love.

Maybe I expect too much.…