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Eat: Seoulia

This is currently our favorite hangout.

If you want to treat yourself to some authentic Korean fare, then this is a place for you.

Conveniently located in the heart of Espana, near UST, this restaurant would endear itself to you by their unique tasting dishes and "banchan" (Korean side dishes served with rice).  You could actually have 2nd servings of the side dishes for free!

And the meals are not that pricey too.

Overall, I recommend that you make that Seoulia stop when you visit the area.

Heartbreaker on the Phone

What do you do when the seemingly attractive person you recently met turned out to be the “nightmare guy of your dreams” just as he was asking your number?
Do you:
1.Pretend you did not hear the question?
2.Tell him you recently lost your phone?
3.Opt out of the conversation ASAP?
Or use my own personal tactic of asking for his number instead (and losing it)?
What do you do if you’re a guy and you cannot politely decline a nice girl asking for your number?
Its your lucky day, ladies and gentlemen!Because you can give them this number instead: 212-432-7827 (212-HEARTBR)

The organizers of the show “The Bachelor” has made up what they call the “Bachelor Heartbreak Line” where the caller gets to hear the message:

"Whoever gave you this number is trying to send you a message, and it’s not a good one. They don’t like you. No rose for you"
But fear not, because the caller then has the option to be cheered up the this season’s latest bachelor (I’m afraid I’m not really that familiar with thi…

Shooting Balls

I'm posting a picture of our paintball adventure last December courtesy of our Leadership/ Followership training program.

I know its difficult to tell where I am in this picture... frankly, I do not even know where I am.  All I know is that I'm part of the Green Team who won!

The other team is called Camouflage, btw.

Watch: Skyfall

With the setting seemingly inspired by Wuthering Heights, James Bond gives us a glimpse of his past life and his complicated relationship with his boss M.

Probably the saddest James Bond movie I've seen since M dies in this installment.

But the action sequences and the theme song are superb.

And with Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes and Daniel Craig... Skyfall is one Bond movie every girl should see.

Reading is Sexy

Whoever thought that reading ain't sexy ought to read this post.

You can certainly recognize the woman in this picture as one of the most recognizable sexy icons of our history.

And yes, this is not just a pictorial.  Marilyn Monroe was indeed an avid reader and a collector of numerous literary books.

I also need to mention that she was once married to the playwright Arthur Miller.

This is one bombshell who loves men with brains.

And the list of the books she owned would surprise you.

So next time you see a lady deep in her books, just remember...there is nothing sexier than a bright and inquiring mind.


It is a sad fate that by the time this post gets published, the victim of India’s most controversial rape/slay has now died.

Raped, tortured and left to die on the street with her companion, such crime has sparked massive protests in the streets of New Delhi calling for improved protection of women and harsher punishment for rape crimes.

In India, crime against women are very common.And conviction to these crimes remain very low and complainants are often treated with harassment and ridicule.

Recently, I read a news about a 14 year old rape victim who killed herself as the Indian police urged her to just drop the case andmarry her rapist.

How anyone can make such a suggestion is beyond me.And I can somehow understand why someone would view it as a condition worse than death.

It is a sad state that in India, one of the world’s largest democracy, women are told that they are not to dress attractively or travel alone. 

Are the women supposed to sacrifice their femininity and indepe…

Two Thousand and Twelve

For all of you who are now reading this,I guess it would be because you have managed to stay away from “Bin Laden” and still have your 10 fingers.
Yehey for that!

2012 has been a “low key” year for me.A year filled with boring escapades and inconspicuous experiences.

Work has been busy.I visited Singapore to do the audit, stayed in a different hotel this time and met with a friend there.

Some new projects accomplished.Had a few trainings and met some colleagues from the same industry. I got introduced to the organization Kaya Natin which has made me more interested to do some volunteer works.
Home was a little bit exciting.A big blessing has been my sister’s foray into the world of beauty and madness (i.e beauty pageants) and winning.Not to mention the various academic awards she has won.Thank God, no one got weirdly sick or died.

I’ve met a lot of wonderful people and did a lot of crazy but memorable things.Read a lot of books, which has always been my goal.

Climbed Mt. Batulao with friend…