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Better In Time

I was inspired by this song to write this one to a person from my past:

"Someday, time will come when I can vanish you from my memory. Time will come when my memory would slowly fade out and forget the person you were and what you have become in my life. Years, yes years have passed but I can still remember just as it was yesterday... my mistakes, yours... all that we have admited and those that we still continue to deny. Much as remembering brings me smiles, it also brings loneliness, regrets and pain.

In some ways I am happy. You have inspired me to write again. To put into words all that I think and feel and be free about it. You have made me want to share all that I have learned and experienced. You have made me realize that by freeing you from my mind, I am slowly letting go and moving on.

I want to move on, not necessarily forget, but slowly instruct myself to let go of the memories. Let your face fade out as with all the conversations we used to have, only retaining the …

Chaos Theory

Maganda raw ang kaguluhan. Ito raw ang nagdudulot ng pagbabago. Ito siguro ang pilosopiya ng mga aktibista, rebolusyonaryo at mga terrorista. Naniniwala sila na mababago ang mundo kung mag-iingay ka, paparada sa kalsada, mamumundok o magsisimula ng giyera.

Ito rin ang tema ng "chaos theory". Sabi ng professor ko sa Org Comm, "chaos brings about change, change can cause people to think, be diferent and to develop." Tama nga sya, marami nang istorya ng mga taong bumabait matapos magulo ang mundo nila ng cancer, pagkabigo o muntikan na pagkamatay.

Naniniwala ako na kailangan natin ng pagbabago. Kung ito man ay magiging bunga ng kaguluhan, ok lang din. Ang importante ay di ang sanhi kundi ang resulta nito. Kung ihahambing mo sa buhay, dapat may konting gulo, problema o pagsubok. Dito natin malalaman na di ok ang lahat. Na kailangan natin magbago at umayos. Madaling sabihin na kuntento ka na sa buhay mo. Na wala ka ng mahihiling pa. Na masaya ka. Pero paano ka makukun…

Headache is the mother of invention

This year marked the 'nth time of our grand family reunion. My lola from my father's side celebrates her birthday every 25th of December. This however would prove to be the most infuriating of them all.

First, let me introduce you to my family. We are a large family of 9 siblings from my father's side. My lolo died 2 years ago as with my dad who died 18 years ago. I have one tita who lives in the States with her family, an uncle in the mideast, and the rest are here with their big and boisterous families. I have approximately 20 cousins, 20 nieces/ nephews and several other non-familiar relatives of 2nd or 3rd degree. In other words, we are a big family.

Of all of my cousins, I was very close to 2 of them. We used to call ourselves the "tres marias" as we were all girls. They were both older than me by a year or so. How we became close, I do not recall as we were as different from each other as one could ever imagine. J, is the outgoing type, always with friends…

Penelope, a review

I am not a fan of fairy tales or dark comedy, but this one takes the cake for being the most entertaining one I've watched so far. When a girl from a very wealthy family was cursed and born to look like a pig, Penelope was hidden from the outside world by her parents. With only the hope of finding one true love from "one of their own" as a solution to the curse, her mother employs the best dating agency in the country in hopes of finding her a match.

In the end, like in reality, no one wishes to marry the cursed Penelope. As the lines of suitors, who were initially enamored of her very impressive dowry dwindles, she decided to break free and experience the world on her own.

With a story plot like this, one would expect a story book ending. That Penelope would find prince charming or in this case, Mr. Right, who would love her despite her looks, break the curse and live with her happily ever after. However, in this movie I was made to realize that the phrase "on…

Of Boxes and Happiness (Ode to the OFW's/Balikbayans)

The parade of Balikbayan boxes have always been a regular occurrence in our home. When I was younger, it would mean having another set of imported clothes, bags and tons of chocolates. We would anticipate its coming like a homecoming of a long lost relative with open arms and eager smiles. We would celebrate its arrival, marking the date and imagining all sorts of surprises coming out of the box.

How fun it was during those days. And now, looking back, how materialistic of all of us.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to sound impolite or ungrateful. I can understand the pride in being able to give and share. I am gifted with good enough financial independence that I take pride in being able to get my family things that they like if I can afford it. However, I dread the time where mere material things would replace my presence but would still bring the same joy in their lives. I don’t ever want to think that I can be replaced with anything. That they would rather prefer a box f…

I Don't Need Second Chances

Sometimes, things happen when you least expect it. It did for me.

It was happy, it was good, then it was gone.

Life puts you in situations where you struggle, you rise and you learn. You learn by making decisions and taking chances. Moments can be fleeting, opportunities too rare and experiences sometimes too fast that we fail to realize its essence till its over. I've always believed in living for the moment and of never looking back. Of savoring every challenge as an adventure. Of always welcoming opportunities to grow and be better. Experiences, no matter how bad teaches us. And God knows we needed those lessons.

Sad fact is that we only live once.

There is no repeat, no rewind, no second chances...

We should not live our lives with excuses and apologies. Sometimes life just is...