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Loveisms #21

Women's Month

Let us be good sisters to each other.

Although I have always been regarded as one of the boys, I have also been blessed with great girlfriends who have eaten fire and dirt with me.
These girls, which I have known since our pimple filled high schooldays have been a great influence in my life.
They have taught me the need for patience, acceptance and a dash of kaartehan.
They have stood by me when I was being difficult (as always), impatient and temperamental.
They have waited for me countless times when I was late,understood my need for space and called out all my bullsh*ts.
In short, these girls made my life entertaining and sweet.
And for a bitter, sarcastic girl like me, I need all the sugary sweetness.
Thank you ladies.

Watch: Beauty and the Beast

Emma Watson brought her box office appeal and made Beauty and the Beast one of the most anticipated movies of 2017.
I have long waited for this movie.   And I loved the animated version which captured our then innocent hearts in the early 1990’s.
Although I am much more fond of Mulan, Belle for me is step above all other Disney Princesses. She likes to read and does not want to be married (yey!).
So I quickly got myself a buddy to watch this one at the earliest opportunity.
Afterall, how can I resist finding out if Hermione can also sing?
And the verdict?
The whole movie was a 2 hour-melt-in-your-heart moment. The effects are mesmerizing and funny.
I never expected to fall in love with teacups and candlesticks but I did.
And Beast?He was a rough, sarcastic, well read and intimidating beast.But a charming one too.
Belle was just so different – independent, opinionated and inventive.Just the kind of heroine we want our children to be.
I can’t wait for Disney to do this same magic to their…