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Note:  Image from Pinterest

Vote PH

Some women take selfies wearing their favorite outfits and complain about their faces.

Some women take selfies of historical moments they have struggled and fought for and feel pride within themselves.

Which ones are you?

2015 marked a historic year for Saudi and its women as they were allowed to vote for the first time.

Some  can be seen taking  selfies while others filmed themselves on their way to the voting area, and shared them on Twitter using hashtags #Saudi and #History.

This is such a huge deal considering that women there are still not allowed to drive.

This brings to mind how lucky we all are to be living in a progressive country such as the Philippines.

Sadly, we do not give such high importance to this right as demonstrated by our seemingly pointless expectations on the upcoming elections.

Case in point:

I recently read about some SM malls agreeing to host voting precints for the 2016 elections.

Really?  Is this our priority?

According to Comelec, such move will enhance "over…