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The Summer of Political Madness

Things in Manila are heating up.

Aside from the super hot weather, the political climate is also nearing its peak with the presidential elections just a  few days away.

Here at our department, we decided to have our own mock election poll just to learn who will be the leading bets.

The instruction:
Stick it to the face of your presidential/ vice presidential bet.
No judgement!

Loveisms #17

Reflections at the Grocery Aisles

There were times when life would catch me unaware.
And I realize that I am not as happy as I thought myself to be.
Like this one instance when I was standing in line at a grocery store and a plain, middle aged lady in front of me was busy counting her coins, excruciatingly slow, that I am rapidly getting annoyed.
Then someone shouted “Mommy!”.
A cute little boy of around 3, with heart shaped face and cute cuddly curls.
And I thought to myself:  “Wow, this serious coin counting lady in her plain old dress is a mother.  What a lucky woman.”
Then I begin thinking of my life and how at my age, I still do groceries for one because I live a lonely, solitary existence.
Sometimes,  long grocery lines make me hate my life.