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Future plans, anyone?

I took up an exam last saturday... easy lang nman. mostly grammar and usage English, IQ tests, the usual. Until the last question - WHAT ARE YOUR CAREER PATHS AND FUTURE PLANS?

Huh??? Seryoso??? Young as I am, I never really thought of any future plans. I know what I want right now, but the future? Who cares, right? It took me about another 10 mins. to start answering the test. Future plans? I can hear my favorite song for the moment "Don't wanna wake up alone anymore, still believing you'll walk though my door, all i need is to know its for sure..." Funny... will I qualify if I'd answer that my future plan is to settle down and marry? To find the man of my dreams? ha, ha... As for my career path... I'd answer that what I've always wanted is to be a social worker or a crime scene investigator so it doesn't really matter coz' i won't get to be any of those, thank you. I looked around and everyone of them is seriously answering the last question…

Books, Lovers and Old Men

I would consider myself one of the best bargain book hunters, I was able to get a copy of Love Story by Erich Segal for only 10 pesos at a local bookstore. I was so giddy that I was able to read the entire book on my way home. I admit, I was a sucker for sad endings. There is no love story more romantic to me than those with sad endings...City of Angels, Anna and the King, At First Sight not to mention Casablanca.

Imagine being 25, full of life, love and hope and then suddenly dying. I cannot... i know that years from now, when i reach 25, I would probably ask myself, am I ready to die? I think not... no one's ready to die... I have always believed that no matter how miserable you get and how depressed you are, you don't wish death. Its not something we want to experience, not when we believe that we have yet to experience the best in life. Not even, say... I'm already married, found the man of my dreams and have hordes of children and grandchildren. Not that i plan to ha…

Instant Boyfriend?

Sunday, the phone rings...
its Mom...


Mom: hi, mga anak, kmusta n dalaga ko?
Me: fine mom
Mom: me boyfriend ka na?
Me: huh?

I swear, everytime na lang, walang sawa, paulit ulit, walang tigil, di pumapalya.
I wanted to say ... Mom, katatawag mo lng last week, its been 5 days...
How can you expect me to find a Boyfriend?

Finding a boyfriend is a process, a long process. you don't just go to a fastfood counter and order an instant boyriend. (upsize, with extras on the side)
it takes time...

You see each other, you talk, he gets your number, he calls (or text depending on his time and budget) you go on a date, you talk, you go home, he calls you, you go on a date again, you talk, he pays, you talk some more, he takes you home, he calls again or sends flowers the next day, he visits you at home, fetches you from work, invites you out again... and maybe, after all this... just maybe - if he looks and behaves good enough, he becomes your boyfriend... Maybe?

See, its a long …

Good books, good girls... good men?

I was reading this book titled "The Dirty Girls Social Club" (more like Joy Luck Club, Latina version) there's this one interesting character named Lauren - single, pretty, educated, nice family.... but she fell in love with a drug dealer.

First time they met, she was too drunk to care, Amaury (that's the guy's name) took her home. tucks her into bed and this is what happens...
lauren: what? you don't like me?
amaury: si mi amor, si me gustas tu, muchismo
lauren: then what's the problem?
amaury: your drunk, i dont take advantage of drunk women, ethical policy.
lauren: whatever...
amaury after seeing Isabel Allende's Portrait in Sepia: i like your books, that's why i'm leaving now.
lauren: what?
amuary: you and me, we got nothing to talk about if you got bad books or no books at all. i like you, your a good woman, i don't meet many.
How endearing for a 20 year old man, a drug dealer at that, to realize what a good quality woman he has.…

Resting Place

I am a blogger. That I have established early on in my life. I realize that I have opinions and I enjoy voicing them out. I like telling people of my experiences, no matter how common they may be & I relish getting reactions from them, good or otherwise.
And so, I have searched for a place in which to put all my writings in place. I have tried Friendster, but it's a little outdated. Multiply, but I hated it when it got updated. And so, I have hibernated and kept all my thoughts inside until I found a well deserved resting place for them.
Here... now... is where I would start again. But since starting over requires some good old lessons from the past, I will be posting and consolidating all my blogs from before here. So don't be misled if you read me being senti & heartbroken, dreamy, dissapointed, etc (it's all in the past, i hope...)
Readers, I hope you continue to read my blogs. They might not give you life's lessons but you will get a dash of entertainment …