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When Writing Is Your Friend

No I did fall out of love with writing.
I just got so busy with life that I forgot myself and what I love.
But since they always said that we should always find time to do what is important to us….
Here it goes….
Writing has always been a sort of therapy for me.  It is what I do to relax and get away from stress and all this craziness we call "life".
So I have always been careful to separate this from work. 
In the past, I have been asked to write about a lot of things.  Some friends have begged me to blog about their products and businesses. Even strangers have contacted me about moneymaking ideas with my blog.
I have refused all these because writing is my hobby.  Yes, feel free to call me crazy or a hypocritical b*tch.
But here's my reason(s):
Writing is what I do when I am stressed about work. 
It is what I turn to when I need an outlet when things do not go well and I need to vent it out.
If I start to impose deadlines and required content on my writing, if I start to get mo…

February Dreams

As we usher in the love month, I want you all to dream of being smothered by all things (and non things) you love...