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David Beckham's Balls

In what would surely be a viral video now, Pepsi shows David Beckham using his magnificent bending skills in shooting three balls in what seems to be very far trash cans when dared by a passing fan.

I like ads like this because though I know that it took the brains behind Pepsi months to come up with the concept, the spur of the moment- like quality of the video somehow suspends our disbelief. This video made me believe that he is that good (and that goodlooking).

Even his wife Victoria seems to be in on the joke posting in her twitter account:
"Check out my husband's ball skills!!! xvb"

And when asked on the authenticity of the shots, David refused to confirm or deny the issue.
Either way, I'm a believer. Pass me the Pepsi David!

Black Swan

I never liked movies about dancing and I particularly hate ballet. Somehow those thin, lightweight, graceful, goodlooking, talented women makes me want to weep in envy. Unfortunately, this movie made Natalie Portman bag an Oscar so I was curious to watch it.
I never liked the story. I didn’t get why she kept on having sores and bleeding. And I cannot understand the twisted, somewhat moronic relationship she has with her mother.
There’s a lot of things I can’t figure out from this movie (as with her instructor’s sexual orientation).   I get the dancing though.  And Natalie fits her role as a ballerina.  Other than that, I find this movie weird.
For me, this is a twisted movie about an anorexic, beautiful but mediocre dancer who's obsessed with perfection.

And while I can appreciate its originality, the only saving grace I can see is Mila Kunis. She has this old, classical, mysterious beauty that is uncommon for Hollywood actresses. Plus she portrayed the role of a very likeable vil…

Barrio Fiesta - A reunion

I am proud to be a part of a family that values its family heritage. It has been our family tradition to hold a grand reunion every 3 years. For me, this signifies a commitment to stay in touch and get to know one’s relatives. Reunions provide us a sense of belonging as well as offer a chance to look back at our family history. It is a great time for the elders and the younger generation to meet and spend time together.

Last April 10 and 11, our family held their grand family reunion at Candon, Ilocos Sur.  It was a star studded event participated by relatives from Baguio, Manila and other provincial locations. Even those living abroad flew in to celebrate this event. 

The Manila chapter (mostly the Medina side) were in full force consisting of our dear Nanay Naty and 6 of her children, several grandchildren and even great grandchildren.

The theme for this reunion was “Barrio Fiesta”. Participants were requested to be in their best Filipino attire and those who did not follow were fined…


In Beijing, there was a proposal by the Civil Affairs Ministry to China’s State Council to require adult children to regularly visit their elderly parents. If they do not, parents can sue them.
This is a harsh law. Harsh, I think even by Chinese standards.

There is no doubt that we need to give our elderly more care and attention. And in China where the world’s third highest elderly suicide rate, trailing only South Korea and Taiwan (according to the World Health Organization) it can be said that the elderly have been taken for granted by the modern and more urbanized generation.
There is the irony in this because the more educated and established we become, the farther we move away from our traditional family values. Values of respect, empathy, sense of responsibility and debt of gratitude.
However, it is hard to accept that parents will be motivated by this law to sue their children for being too busy. Afterall, they have at one time been in the same situation especially when they were…


I was so excited to learn that it was Sir Elton John’s night for American Idol.

Why? Because he wrote and sang my favorite song of all time.

And what made it so great?

Casey Abrams + Your Song = A-W-E-S-O-M-E-N-E-S-S

Fortunately, though no one can be perfect, some of us at least can be awesome!