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A Visit to HO

I was fortunate enough to be sent to our Head Office in Bergen, Norway for a training.  Yes, I hate flying, and just the fact that the distance I have to travel (based on the office map) is enough to turn my head upside down,  I admit that I am curious and excited.

The travel was a blast, I have never seen a more exciting airport.  The training as a whole was OK, if not a little boring.  The place looks like a Christmas Card complete with the mistletoe smelling air.  The people are great, the sights are refreshing to my senses. The food though, needs improvement.  In all my travels, I am always excited in trying out the food.  However, for this one, I was slightly dissapointed.  I line up in the canteen and all I see are breads, cheese, ham, tuna, milk, etc. Appetizers right?  So I was looking forward to the main course but I was informed that the main course usually is either a soup or a salad.  Yes, just those two, in alternating schedule.  Thank God there was Burger King there!

We …

Speed Dating Anyone?

I have never enjoyed dating. I think it’s superficial and pretentious.  You go on a date and try to look your best, be your best and try your best.  You order the right food, speak the right words and try to pretend that you are as natural as the lemon in your processed red iced tea.  In other words, you try to deceive the other person while convincing yourself that you can carry on this charade for as long as it takes. Let’s just say you’re single and dateless on a Friday night where most of your officemates will be out with their romantic partners and someone invites you to a Speed Dating Event. Would you go?  First, these are the directions…
1. You need to be at a certain age bracket – like 20 to 30 years old.   Me:  I’m in. But that’s a young crowd, I would think that a 20 year old would not want to speed his/her dating moments.  And only till 30?  I think it’s the 30’s and above who need to go fast on their dating schedules or they will truly be left behind. 
2.You only have 5 minute…

Number 2

I went with a guy friend yesterday to a mall to inquire at Fitness First (actually, nahihiya sya kaya nagpasama sya sa akin).  While we were entering, a guy approached us and led us to the consultation area to explain the exercise package that we were so interested about.

First Question: Fitness Guy/ Guru:  "Sino po ang interesado?"                                                       
I pointed at myself and said "ako". 
He smiled that knowing smile and I can almost read the question on his mind.  FG:  "Maam, bakit nyo po naisipan mag exercise?  Ano po ang dahilan?"                 
I don't know if this was a usual question or he was just asking because he was curious.  I know that I don't look the athletic type but then I can always pass for a gymnast. I shrugged my shoulder and said "Wala lang"
Then, FG produced a pen and asked me to fill out a form.  Here I said "Actually, di ako ang interested.  Siya..." pointing at my friend …

The Tale of the Dispossessed - A Review

"How can I tell him that he will never find her, after he has been searching for her all his life?"

These are the opening lines of the book by Laura Restrepo. And I admit, these are the only lines I had to read to convince myself to buy it.

The book tells a story of a nameless female narrator who lives in a war torn refugee center and a man who is in futile quest for the woman he has known long ago. It is a love triangle of sorts because the man cannot let go of his memories of the woman from his past while dealing with a possibility of a new love.

There are so many things in this book that appeals to me. So many things i have thought of myself and wanted to write about. Its like someone else went into my thoughts and wrote about it.

" I don't believe in so-called love at first sight, at least that which is understood as an unmistakable intuition signaling beforehand that something will soon come to bind you: that sudden bolt that forces you to hunch your shoulder…


I am addicted to the TV series HOUSE. I have always said that if I had been able to watch this as a child, I would have become a doctor. What's more interesting about this series (differentiating them from various medical dramas like ER, Greys Anatomy, Private Practice, etc) is that the focus is on the patients and not so much on the doctors' lives. Still seasons 1-4 have given me enough glimpse on their personal lives that I wanted to share with you my most favorite part of the season.

This particular one appeared in Episode 314 titled "Insensitive" of season 3, with the episode set on a Valentines Day. Cameron and Foreman talk about commitment as they do their labworks...

Cameron: "Someday when there's time, I would like to actually have a social life."
Foreman: "Someday? Come on. If there's one thing a good-looking woman can have whenever she wants, it''s a social life."
Cameron: "You mean a sex life."
Foreman: &q…