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Number 2

I went with a guy friend yesterday to a mall to inquire at Fitness First (actually, nahihiya sya kaya nagpasama sya sa akin).  While we were entering, a guy approached us and led us to the consultation area to explain the exercise package that we were so interested about.

First Question:
Fitness Guy/ Guru:  "Sino po ang interesado?"                                                       
I pointed at myself and said "ako". 
He smiled that knowing smile and I can almost read the question on his mind. 
FG:  "Maam, bakit nyo po naisipan mag exercise?  Ano po ang dahilan?"                 

I don't know if this was a usual question or he was just asking because he was curious.  I know that I don't look the athletic type but then I can always pass for a gymnast. I shrugged my shoulder and said "Wala lang"

Then, FG produced a pen and asked me to fill out a form.  Here I said "Actually, di ako ang interested.  Siya..." pointing at my friend who has been a silent, smiling audience all this time.  So FG fixed his sight on my friend and continued his questions.  In the middle of the consultation, FG produced a drawing of a body and asked "Sir, ano po ang gusto nyo ipabago sa katawan nyo?  Ano po ang ayaw nyo?"  almost sounding like Vicky Belo.  Really, is this what we are reduced into?  That we yearn for health and fitness development because we are insecure of ourselves and unsatisfied with our body?  Thank God, he wasn't asking me that question.

Then to the funny part...
FG (discussing the payment terms):  "Sir, me credit card po ba kayo?"                            
My friend answered " Wala, pero wife ko meron."  in which the FG guy pointed at me and said "Siya ang meron?"  Before I could react at his assumption, my friend answered "No, di ko sya wife."
To which FG said, in a conspiratory voice "Ah... Number 2?"                                      

I know I should have been offended but it was so funny, I almost wanted to scream.  My friend was also laughing and said " No, kaibigan ko yan."  I know it sounded lame, but at least it was the truth.  Why would FG quickly assume that I'm the other woman as if it's just one of those things?  Really, people aren't just weird, some are unconsciously morally bankrupt.This has happened to me a lot of times.  I guess being friends with guys somehow puts one in a certain category.  It has never bothered me before because when we were younger, I was always mistaken as the "girlfriend"  not "Number 2".  Now I know that I have to be more patient and openminded to people who are quick in their assumptions and are not bothered by social norms to speak their dirty minds.  Or maybe, I can always slap them to shut up..


  1. That was funny.... laftrip... but at the end of the article when you said "Or maybe, I can always slap them to shut up.." i'm sort of frightened.. I wish we can do that noh? :D


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