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Cheap Justice

Thank God for live streaming!
For all of us ordinary people who have jobs to do and bosses to please, yesterday was an exercise in ingenuity as we tried to find ways to listen to the impeachment trial finale (after losing on IDOL, we now have our own Pinoy finale).
I started listening at around 3 pm and was lucky enough to catch Sen. Santiago’s speech.What she lacked in diplomacy, she more than made up for flamboyance and a choice of flowery cuss words.I never thought I would ever hear an honorable senator say “I thought I was unlimited!” in all my lifetime.

Then of course, the most awaited turn of Sen. Lito Lapid, who ironically, by admitting his humble status and lowly background earned some of my respect.
Personally, I find senator Osmena’s speech the most clear, direct and enlightening.
I would also have to applaud the convictions of thosesenatorswho stood by their principles and gave the “Not Guilty” vote.
It is not easy to go against the general public opinion and I respect anyone wh…

Read: Eating Fire and Drinking Water

It is an ambitious effort to put the subject of politics, religion, rebellion, family issues and the supernatural all in one story.But Arlene Chai does it nevertheless.

This book talks about a society’s struggle for political revolution.A time where its citizens choose to act rather than sit in front of their TV sets and moan.
Though already based in Australia, there is  a certain "Pinoy-ness" in Arlene Chaithat one can never take away.Her protagonist Clara Perez is, like in every other telenovela weknow, an orphan of separated parents whose relationship have been torn apart by their opposing social status (rich guy vs poor girl).Her mother, alone and desolate, left her in a convent run by sisters who will eventually lead her to discover her true identity.
Though I have to say that the way it was woven into the story is so subtle that you do not really notice the commonness of it.
The story is also filled with intriguing characters which serve as a characterization of our societ…

I Need Some Sugar For My Heartache

This is not a charm school.This is a singing contest!

And Jessica, half Filipino or not, deserves to win.

A breath of fresh air from the soap opera that is CJ Corona’s trial, is the American Idol finale watched by millions of people throughout the world.The Filipinos and Mexicans are united this time around, in hoping that 16 year old Jessica Sanchez wins.

Sadly, the American voting public went for puppy sad eyes, self-deprecating smile and honey-filled, charm overload that is Phillip Phillips.

Well, my message is this:

People, if youare looking for good looking candidates with mediocre talent, watch Miss Universe instead!
This ruined it for me.I am now switching to The Voice from now on.
At least they have younger and better looking male judges there!

When Pacman talks like the Ironman

Saw this on twitter and thought that I should share this to all - Pacquiao and Mayweather having a man-to-man conversation after watching Avengers  (not together, I hope).

Clearly, Manny is the more impressive of the two, even boxing titles aside.

I'd say the fact that Manny Pacquiao has his hands full on a lot of things destroy the "jack of all trades, master of nothing" expression.

He's obviously an "all in one guy".


Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounding yourself with assholes. - William Gibson

Pressured Much?

Saw this one from the Spinster Chronicles and let me just say that "this is not a funny picture".

I do not want any child to grow up having to conform to society's expectation on marriage and motherhood.

It's hard enough that as women, we are expected to be meek, nice, thin and beautiful.

Do we need any more pressure?

I guess the answer is a resounding NO.

Childless Mothers

My mom and I had always been in a love-hate relationship of sorts.

All the things I love, she hated.  And vice versa.

So I thought long and hard on my post this Mother's Day.

If you'd known me long enough, you'd know that another woman had a strong influence on me growing up. And that is my tita Minda, who really took care of us and shared the "mothering" responsibility with my mom.  More so I think, because my mom had always been a career woman.
She made me realize that motherhood is not all about giving birth.  It's making sure that children and those who need help and affection are taken cared off.

So I dedicate this post to all "motherly" women out there who are taking care of their families - as an aunt, as an eldest sister, a stepmom or simply as a motherly influence on children around her.  These childless mothers deserve more than one day to be praised for all their efforts.

Remember, Mother Theresa did not have any children.  But she is a m…


I have been at so many times in the past, been pestered by my mom regarding my lovelife or lack thereof (see previous post here).  And my single friends also complain of the same thing from their matchmaking, overly excited parents.  But this mother is certainly the most ingenious one so far.

Imagine this...

She starts a website to find matches for her son.

See excerpts here from the NY Times article titled "Marry My Boy":

She's taken meddling motherhood to a whole new level.

Geri Brin is so anxious to marry off her 31-year-old son, Colby, she's launched a Web site where she and other parents can find perfect matches for their single kids.

"I've been fixing my son up for about five years," said Geri, an Internet entrepreneur who works with Colby on the Upper East Side.

Colby is not at all surprised by his mother's latest project.
"One thing about my mom," Colby joked, "she has perseverance. I can picture her on her death bed . . . chok…

Ignorance is Evil

Ignorance is evil.  And having no time is a sh*tty excuse.

Feed your mind, improve your self.

Read books and save yourself.

Walk the Dog

I am a dog person.  Although I have grown up with other pets in the house, my favorite would always be these adorable creatures who never fail to lift me up and melt my heart with their wagging tails and sticky drool.

I even love reading about dog stories and watching dog movies and videos too.

And puppies for me are just the best.

Here, I am showing a picture of our new family members:  Copper and Calcium!

And I have recently enjoyed walking our dog this morning or maybe, he's the one walking me :-)

Either way, I'm lovin' the exercise and the pictures!

Obama's Advice: Men, improve your gene pool

Here is President Obama's relationship advice to all guys out there.
"For the gentlemen out there who are not yet married, let me just explain to you: Your goal is to improve your gene pool by marrying somebody who is superior to you." This he said while addressing troops in a military event.

And let's not forget that he is indeed married to a smart, independent, beautiful, classy woman.  

I'd say, he knows the type.

And I know a good advise when I hear one.