I Need Some Sugar For My Heartache

This is not a charm school.  This is a singing contest!

And Jessica, half Filipino or not, deserves to win.

A breath of fresh air from the soap opera that is CJ Corona’s trial, is the American Idol finale watched by millions of people throughout the world.  The Filipinos and Mexicans are united this time around, in hoping that 16 year old Jessica Sanchez wins.

Sadly, the American voting public went for puppy sad eyes, self-deprecating smile and honey-filled, charm overload that is Phillip Phillips.

Well, my message is this:

People, if you  are looking for good looking candidates with mediocre talent, watch Miss Universe instead!

This ruined it for me.  I am now switching to The Voice from now on.

At least they have younger and better looking male judges there!


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