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Yes, this is a drink

People at the office sometimes go for a drink during Friday nights as part of our bonding sessions.

And since we will be having our Friday off, we scheduled  an after office get together with our newly formed SSC barkada. 

This time we decided to visit a bar outside Malate area to keep away from the younger crowd.

I was surprised that they had a drink called:

I look forward to more night outs, maybe this time with some "good vibes" cocktails :-)

Sadness - A Reality

Here's a sad reality in life...

Now that I have the money to buy books,  I have no time to read them.

So I have piles of unread books waiting for me to get unbusy.

Lucky for me, books are patient.  They never complain.

They are like unobtrusive great friends, who are ready to entertain when needed.

If only every time I buy myself a new book, I can also buy some time to read it