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Skinny Fat

I should never gloat.

But it feels so good, I cannot help it.

Statistics show that the worldwide obesity has more than doubled in the last 30 years for both men and women.

This is especially sad since people are more conscious about their health now more than ever.

I remember a story which tells of a patient who said :  "The problem is, obesity runs in our family."

And the doctor answered:  "No, the problem is, NO ONE runs in your family."

This only means that aside from food and diet, we should also take actions related to our lifestyle.

Unless of course, you are like me who can eat a truckload of food and complain about being skinny.

Yes, hate me.

A Society of Love not Hate

Why do we have so much hatred?

It seems that people can do no wrong without being hated and bullied for it.

It's like we all lost our sense of humor.  Everything is taken personally.  And we are constantly on the lookout for something or someone to rage about.

It is said that we hate those we do not understand and those who do not understand us.

But though we are inclined to hate those who are different from us, we are also wired to love.

Society is also slowly teaching us about tolerance, equality and acceptance.  Laws and policies on equal rights and anti discrimination are emerging and continually evolving  assisted by those who support these ideals.

I read a story about a first date conversation between a guy and a girl.  The guy, seemingly trying to impress the girl started with:

Guy:  I support same sex marriage.
Girl:  Are you gay?
Guy: (chuckles) My mom supported the Civil Rights Movement. Do I look black to you?’

This only shows that we can support and even love each oth…

The Death of Good Manners

A video of a student asking questions to a presidentiable sparked a debate even among my family.

Something I expected since my sisters came from that same school.

And while I respect their opinions, I do not understand how they can rationally defend such behavior.

As a young child, we were all taught to be polite to our elders, to listen when someone is talking, to be respectful to authority.  As an adult, we were taught question authority,  to speak up, to be inquisitive, to be daring.

And as we mature, we learn to balance all those lessons in every situation.

...To be inquisitive without being rude.

...To question people's belief without hating them.

Perhaps, others would call that student brave.  After all, it takes guts to have such attitude.

But I believe in what Theodore Roosevelt once said:
Politeness is a sign of dignity, not subservience. So I'd rather have my dignity than be praised for my guts.