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The Gift that Keeps on Giving

So, how was your Christmas?

Christmas has always been a tiring adventure for our family.My relatives from the mother’s side are all Catholics so we do the usual Christmas tradition of Misa de Gallo, Noche Buena and all that stuff on Christmas Eve.Come December 25 is the birthday of my lola from the father side.Though they all remain to be Iglesia, the whole day is spentfeasting, with the usual family gathering filled with games, presentations and gift giving.

Which is why by 7pm last night, I was already physically drained and fast asleep.

I do not know with other people, but for me, the anticipation of Christmas is the best feeling there is.The fulfillment of seeing all my gifts piled up and wonderfully wrapped fills me with indescribable fulfillment.

And I do enjoy putting up the Christmas tree and buying all sorts of Christmas decorations as well as playing Christmas music and watching Christmas themed movies.
Sadly, though Filipinos are known to have the longest Christmas season, I can…

Eat, Play, Laugh

My high school friends and I spent our Christmas get together at City Buffet, SM Fairview.  

For P535 (weekends and holidays), you can have the ultimate eat-all-you-can experience which includes drinks as well.  And for this weekend, it is seafoods day!

Here is a sample of what our plates look like for desserts.

As I said... Eat, Play, Laugh.

Merry Christmas!

My Heart's Desire

"Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired." - Robert Frost

Advice from the Recovering Christmas Grinch

I’ve had a lot on my mind these last few weeks so I was not able to blog as often.
In the previous months, I would always have some scheduled posts prepared in advance in anticipation of such times.

Sadly, having a preoccupied mind has made me lazy (and crazy too).

Luckily, I decided that I would pay homage to busy folks like me by giving some advice on how to survive the Christmas/ Holidays rush without feeling suicidal.

****  Whether you are stressed, alone, broke or a combination of all three, rest assured that you can survive, if not enjoy this season with your sanity intact.  Here’s how:

People think that stress is synonymous to being busy.  I can actually tell you by experience that it is not.  I get stressed out with doing a lot of things as with doing nothing (i.e bored).  Boredom (having nothing to do) as is with helplessness (not being able to do anything) are a major cause of stress for me.

The best advise that I can give is to be proactive.  Make a list and plan …

Little Miss Talent

I'm uploading my sister's picture just because she looks so cute with her costume and she has displayed an unbelievable new talent that she just learned in 5 days!

Which leads me to the question - Is talent born or made?

No one would disagree when I say that practice is an important component of achieving exceptional levels of performance in arts, sports or any other activities.  Michael Phelps is not simply talented.  He practiced consistently for hours every single day.
I stumbled upon a the study conducted by a guy named Ericsson and some of his colleagues. Ericsson studied young pianists and violinists in their early 20s at the Music Academy in Germany. He asked the music professors to nominate the best young musicians, those who they thought had the potential for careers.  Ericsson found that those rated as best musicians simply practiced more than the rest.
Take this quote from award winning playwright, author and the brain behind the pioneering knot and graph theory in math…