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Advice from the Recovering Christmas Grinch

I’ve had a lot on my mind these last few weeks so I was not able to blog as often.
In the previous months, I would always have some scheduled posts prepared in advance in anticipation of such times.
Sadly, having a preoccupied mind has made me lazy (and crazy too).
Luckily, I decided that I would pay homage to busy folks like me by giving some advice on how to survive the Christmas/ Holidays rush without feeling suicidal.

Whether you are stressed, alone, broke or a combination of all three, rest assured that you can survive, if not enjoy this season with your sanity intact.  Here’s how:

People think that stress is synonymous to being busy.  I can actually tell you by experience that it is not.  I get stressed out with doing a lot of things as with doing nothing (i.e bored).  Boredom (having nothing to do) as is with helplessness (not being able to do anything) are a major cause of stress for me.
The best advise that I can give is to be proactive.  Make a list and plan in advance.  Stick to your plan and if something fails, let go.  Accept the fact the you are no superhero and that no one is perfect.  High expectation kills, so be careful on setting your goals.
Too much to do with too little time?  Share your tasks and delegate. There are probably a couple of friends and relatives who are ready to help.  
And most especially learn to say “No”.
If you are feeling restless and bored, I would advise you to do some relaxing activity.  Go to a spa or do yoga.  Treat yourself to some activity that you’ve always wanted to do to take your mind off things.
Incidentally, I’ve read in an article that the best way to beat stress is to exercise.  Get yourself to the nearest gym or go running or swimming.  Sweat those stress out!

Well, you still have a few weeks before Christmas.  And as what I always say (to myself, at least), “Everyday is a great day to meet someone special”
There are two ways to deal with this situation.  First is to be on the offensive.  Take action.  Get out more and meet as many people as you can.  After all, the holidays are filled with all sorts of get together-reunion parties.

Get in touch with people you have always been interested with. Now is the perfect time (or excuse) to go and meet up with long lost single friends.  Just make sure to get away from your already commited ex.
Too busy to go out? There’s the various online dating and social networking sites.  It is a wonder how someone with more than 800 Facebook friends and with a hundred of them currently online could feel alone right? Who knows, maybe the man/woman of your dreams is just a click away?
Better yet, why not organize a “Singles Only” party?  This is a way to meet new people and form fresh relationships.
The other approach is acceptance.  Learn to accept that fact that this season will again, be spent alone.  But you can certainly do something to keep it from being lonely.  Go out and have fun.  Surround yourself with family and friends (preferably single, goodlooking friends of the opposite sex).  Participate in worthwhile activities and be with the people that matters. Then you would realize that being alone is the least of your problem. 

The commercialization of Christmas has made us the ultimate greedy consumer.
There is nothing wrong with this as we have been oriented to view this season as the time for giving.   And that is just cool…if you have the money.  But what if you don’t?
First, you can learn to live with it and stop stressing yourself out.  After all, good intentioned family and friends will not be expecting you to acquire loans just to be able to send them gifts.
Want to give something special?  Why not make that call?  Hearing someone’s voice is certainly a cheaper but much more meaningful way of reaching out this Christmas.  And it goes straight to the heart.
Or you can give non material gifts like your services.  What are you good at?  How about giving them a painting you have done, some personalized photographs or a memorable video of your loved ones?  There are numerous e-cards and Christmas videos that you can find on the net to tweak and tailor fit to your needs.  You will be surprised at how many free stuff you can get on the net with a little searching.
Or you could also learn to make some money.  Find old stuffs and do a garage sale.  Bake Christmas goods and sell them.  Tap your inner genius and teach for a fee.
Want to feel rich?
Why not volunteer?  Spend some time at a children’s shelter or go visit a home for the aged.  Give the people the gift of your time.

I hope that I have given some good advise. 

What we must all realize this season is that feeling good about yourself does not require spending some extra bucks.  And that being able to help others can get you a glowing feeling way better than a visit to a spa or beauty salon will do. 
And, life is just a matter of perspective.
I suggest we spend the holidays reflecting and trying to find our inner happiness.  Afterall, having a positive attitude is already winning half the battle.


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