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Loveisms #14


On a happy note…

We can all rejoice that another step towards equality have been taken with the US legalizing same sex marriage to all its states.

I’ve heard it said that we should not judge how 2 people choose to love one another and I am so happy that in some parts of the world, #LOVEWINS!
However, those in the Philippines continue to use #FightforLove as their hashtag as they urge the government to do the same.

What percent is your humanity?

What right do we have to deny people the right to be themselves?

A recent issue is making viral rounds on the internet about a transgender who was denied entry to a bar because of their strict dress code policy.

While some would think that this is a trivial issue blown out of proportion, for me, this means more than just about dress code policies and cross dressing.

How we dress and present ourselves is a way to show our gender identity. By crossdressing, certain people create his or her own gender reality that is consistent to what he or she feels.

It is a form of self expression that everyone has a right to.

And society, esp. a mere establishment should not impose on a person’s right to be who/what they want to be.

Because if you cannot be who you want to be, then what is the purpose of your existence?

Would it hurt too much to allow people to just be themselves?

When will we learn and when can we make this right?