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Listen: The Christmas Waltz - She & Him

Zooey's melancholic voice in this cold and foggy after Christmas morning.

It's that time of year
When the world falls in love
Every song you hear seems to say
"Merry Christmas
May your new year's dreams come true"

And this song of mine
In three quarter time
Wishes you and yours
The same thing, too

Makes sipping some hot chocolate seem so good.  

Please play and listen.

When Christmas Feels Like a Dentist Appointment

As of writing this post, Iam happy to announce that I have just survived another family reunion.To those of you who know me, you must know that I can claim to be the “perpetually single” girl.
So family reunions for me are a time of dread because of the never ending “relationship questions” and “single girl jokes”.
But don’t get me wrong. I love my family.I just hate them sometimes.

And I marvel at how they don’t get tired of it – the asking, the teasing and the well intentioned pairing up to a nice guy they know. In fact, I think they only get better and better.

I seem to be gifted with a number of well-meaning relatives who seem to think that my lovelife (or lack thereof) is affecting their universe and creating havoc on their well-balanced life.I only hope that they don’t lose some sleep over this!

But at least they are not as crazy as this story I very recently read:

I’m 27, I’m an RN and one of my patients who was blind once said “come here. Let me feel your face to see what’s wrong wi…

Morning glory and all...

You look like Christmas morning.  - Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Listen: Tori Kelly - Dear No One (Official Video)

Remember John Mayer's "Love Song For No One"?

John in his ultra cool raspy voice singing:  I'm tired of being alone, so hurry up and get here.

Well, this one is the ladies' version of it.

With lyrics like:

Dear No One, this love song is for you...

This is just the perfect song for all those belonging to SMP.

Ok ladies, all together now!

Yes, you can have your pictures and eat it too!

When an idea is this cute, sweet and creative, you ought to tell the world.

And this is what I'm doing with...

Magical Mallows!!!

These artsy and tasty sweets are just the perfect Christmas gift for those imaginative and sentimental eaters.

Imagine having your most memorable pictures in your marshmallows.

Isn't this amazing or what?

See more here.

I only wish its availabe here.

So I can spend Christmas morning taking a bite of Zachari Levi's face.

Happy Christmas everyone!

Unplug Yourself

I have always loved a good advice.  More so, when it comes from controversial and amazing people.

Take ex Google Chairman Eric Schmidt.

And who wouldn't love a man who started his 2012 commencement speech with this quote:

“I am a true adorer of life, and if I can’t reach as high as the face of it, I plant my kiss somewhere lower down. Those who understand will require no further explanation.” 

Quoting from Henderson the Rain King, a novel written by the late Saul Bellow.

Really, how can you not fall for that?

Read his full speech here.

Then he went on to give what would probably be the most timely advice of our generation:

Remember to take at least one hour a day and turn that thing off. Do the math, 1/24th. Go dark. Shut it down. Learn where the OFF button is.

Take your eyes off the screen, and look into the eyes of the that person you love.

Have a conversation–a real conversation–with the friends who make you think, with the family who makes you laugh.

Don’t just push a button …