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2014: And I said I wanted to find myself.

This is my year ender post.

The one where I thank all the people who has made this year a rare and memorable experience.

This is when I look back on all the lessons I’ve learned from each and every one of you and include its application in my life long plans (yes, I have a plan).

If there is one thing that is so memorable this year, it is the commitment celebration (aka wedding) of the people closest to my heart.And though I am not, and will never be a fan of weddings, my love for them has enabled me to (grudgingly) wear a dress and endure these events.

Babies are also a great gift.Anytime a friend or a relative of mine gives birth, I always feel the giddiness and thewonder of creation in this life giving universe and it makes me smile.

Of course, I would never forget the disappointment and sadness of experiencing death in the family.How I envy heaven for having my super delightful lola, hearing all her stories and spending forever with her.

All else considered, this has been a great year f…

Loveisms #07

Sexy Hearted Santa

"I want people to want to be around me for my heart. To me, it's especially important to have a heart for kids who are hurting. Being able to make a difference is something that people should love, and that's something that's sexy about people."

- Tim Tebow on being one of People Magazine's 2014 Sexiest Men Alive

I just adore this guy.  See previous post here.

While it is nearly impossible to find a celebrity as kind, grounded, spiritual and inspiring as Tim Tebow, he constantly amazes us by proving that good, decent men do exist.

And I am just so glad that the Philippines is a country close to his heart.  He was born here, after all.

Proof that he has such a lovely and sexy heart, Tim has recently accomplished what very few rich and promised ridden politicians and so called public servants can ever hope to deliver - he has built a hospital in Davao.

Now, ain't that a wonderful Christmas gift from this amazing sexy hearted Santa?

Note: Images courtesy of pinoyte…

Loveisms #06

Break thier bones, not their heart.

"Don't break anybody's heart, they only have one.  Break their bones, they have 206."

This was my xray when I hit my hand while jumping off our gate around midnight, 3 days ago.  
If you ever need proof that I live an exciting and adventurous life (not to mention dangerous), then this is it.  Still suffering from this though, and as of this writing, I still can't fully use my dominant right hand.  So much for my superhero antics.  I guess, being adventurous is not my style :-)

Loveisms #05

Read: 10 Clowns Don't Make A Circus

I am not big on reading Management books, but somehow this one made my list of the most influential books in my life as it taught me a lot of practical lessons.
I like that this book compiles all these advices while also giving out action plans and directions – direct, simple and easy to follow.
Here are some examples:
On breaking bad habits - Once you recognize a habit as hurtful, you are halfway there.
On motivation - Actions that get rewarded, get repeated. Give generously and promptly. Winners do what they have to do, others do what they want.  Although people want results, they also want and need attention.

On customers - Customers don’t care how much you know, they care how much you care.
On mistakes – Learning from your competitor's mistakes is very cost effective.  Every mistake you make is a learning opportunity in disguise.
On planning - Plan for the unexpected.
On controlling your emotions - Manage with your head, not your hormones.
On decision making - Never make important decis…