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Eat: Project Pie

My high school friends and I developed a tradition of celebrating each of our birthdays every month.

For last month, we decided to celebrate at Project Pie just because we want to practice some personalized and DIY food.

And it was surprisingly good!

And the staff were all very happy to accommodate our curiosity.  
They've got great salad too.
So make visiting Project Pie your project.


Because my shirt makes sense.

Loveisms #03

Relationship Woes and Wonders

One of my favorite from Ted Talks.

It is funny, engaging, educational and true to life.

Indeed, there is another way to attain love than just "least expecting your way into it".

And I don't get it when people say that "Love will come when you least expect it."

When?  Like when I'm asleep?  Or when I'm at my dentist's chair trying hard not to choke on my drool?  Or worse, when I'm dead?

And how can I "least expect" my way into love if people are constantly asking me about it?

Well, this video will encourage you to take the proactive approach.


Sadly, in the same universe, a woman just purchased herself a 3rd boob.

Her reason?  She wants to be unattractive to men and because she doesn't want to  date again.

Well, this is my advice:

Read a book, say what you think and go for what you want and
I can guarantee that you may never need to shell out $20,000 or need a 3rd boob to opt out of the dating scene.  Grow a brain (not a boob) and men will …

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