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Uncover the Abuses

It is a great day to learn that even Saudi Arabia is taking cautious steps towards domestic violence.

Earlier this year, the kingdom published its first ad against domestic violence.  An act so unprecedented and powerful that caused its cabinet to pass a law against abuse of women in their country.

The image is simple - a woman covered with black niqab, with her bruised haunting eye staring straight at you.  The caption to this states "Some things can't be covered".

And the kingdom has slowly taken steps for their women.  So far, they have been appointed as part of the government's advisory council, they were finally given the right to vote, work in professions like engineering and law and allowed to have their own ID's without guardian permission.  See related posts here.

Though this step towards a much needed reform is yet to yield results, it is a welcome move for a kingdom so conservative and old fashioned as to allow women to report such abuses against men. Bu…

Why you need at least one good man in your life (you are not romantic with)

I have always prided myself as being “one of the boys”.And I consider it a privilege to be accepted by this elusive and complicated species as one of their own.

The closest friends that I have since childhood are all males and I have known them for more than 20 years.

My friendship with these guys have always been simple and straightforward - we like each other’s company but we leave each other alone.

In my younger years, being the only girl in our group, I would always be mistaken as one of their girlfriends.A fact I did not really mind since my friends are all decent and decent looking (especially when sober) guys.

However as we grew older and matured, that role turned into a mistress.Whether I was downgraded or promoted, it’s up to you to decide :-).  See related post here.

My closeness with these guys can be attributed to not having any male influence at home.I grew up without a dad in a house surrounded by an influential and meddling mother and3 other clingy and emotionally charged si…

When all my time is all about you

“I don’t know what they are called, the spaces between seconds– but I think of you always in those intervals.”
― Salvador PlascenciaThe People of Paper

Note:  Image from deviantart

Read: Heir to the Glimmering World

Sad, serious, senti.  Heir to the Glimmering World is a story of disenchantment. A young woman with a seemingly bright future, a rich heir with no potential and an academic with superior mind but limited means. The story is decently built up but it was left hanging in the end.No memorable characters and no haunting story lines.But the writing is simply beautifulWords seem to jump out of nowhere to capture you, and hold you, like these passages:
"The shift key had a habit of getting stuck, so that I would type a line all in capitals, as if the phrases were shouting back at me"

She is ripe in perception, yet appears to be robed in melancholy..."

"Why run ever again? He had no destination, there was no finish line. When he came to the end of the run he found only himself: the same, the same. The more he moved on, the more he arrived at himself"

It you ever like the play of words more than the story, then this book is right up your alley.

Float Like Its 2014

How was your New Year celebration?

For most of us, the start of a new year means the end of a magical season.  The days of sweet smelling, cold Christmas air and the joyful sounds of Christmas carols are over and we are all ushered in the reality that is our sad, boring life. But hey, there are still some occassional drops of excitement here and there, if we bother to look.

Like the thrill (or more likely pressure) of consolidating a list of new year's resolution that just seems to get longer and longer each year.

How about the anticipation of our credit card bills, electric bills and other payables that accumulated while we were under the influence of the much commercialized gift-giving season?

Or our eagerness to take down and get rid of all those Christmas decorations that took days to set up.

Do you have many more? ______________________________________________________________________

If you are like me who lives in the vicinity of the the ultimate firecracker producing province i…