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Watch: Spiderman

Directed by 500 Days of Summer's Marc Webb, the younger, nerdier Spiderman had the right amount of teenage angst, promising romance and head rolling flying scenes.

Spiderman bleeding, having after fight bruises and sharing hero duty with common folks certainly make this new Spiderman more relatable and yes, lovable too.
I like that it is more reality based (he's carrying a backpack and wears contact lenses).  One that would appeal to the younger and more diverse audiences.  
With Andrew Garfield's tousled hair, puppy sad eyes and crooked smile, geeks and superhero fanatics of all ages (and women too!) would love this lonely orphan turned crime fighting superhero
And of course, Emma Stone and her big blue eyes. Characters like this, you can't wait for them to fall in love.
If you want an action movie that races your heartbeat and warms the heart - GO.WATCH.IT.NOW.
Watch it...and in 3D please!

Shortchanged? Not... A Father's Day Thank You Message

My post on father’s day is a little bit late.But here it is:

I have always been envious of female friends who have great relationships with their dads.Because that is something I know I could have, if only my dad lived much longer.
We have always been close.It is through him that I’ve discovered my love for words and reading and writing.Much of my vivid childhood memories with my dad are spent drinking coffee and solving crossword puzzles.
My dad encouraged me to participate in school activities.He was there when I first joined and lost in a declamation contest.“Try again” he said, “but this time, make sure that you get better”.I did get better, only a little too late.
He took me to his travels, I was not yet 7 but I have been to some faraway places I don’t even remember anymore.Memories of these trips have faded in time.But they made me smile nonetheless.
And he disciplined me. A lot.
I guess as with any child I hated being punished. I do not understand why harmless things like making my s…

Watch: Snow White and the Huntsman

Remakes are a little bit tricky to pull off.Especially remakes about fairytales. Everyone knows and story, yet everyone expects to be surprised. Snow White and the Huntsman’s succeeded in delivering abalanced story which is both familiar and unexpected. The cinematography is brilliant.We were taken from a colorful land of happily ever after to a much darker and menacing site of battles and bloodshed. And I even read that they used normal sized people and digitally altered them as dwarves to be able to use better known actors. The problem is with the casting of the two main characters. Charlize is a jewel to watch.But the lead couple are a little bit difficult to swallow. Helmsworth reminded us so much about Thor, only this time with an axe.And it is kind of difficult to picture Stewart as a strong and passionate character.Together, they remind us of those other movies featuring superheroes and vampires. Still this movie made a good job of reminding us that: Beautiful women are vain, selfish…

Work Hard, Play Harder

Been a little busy this week...

Anyways, here's the poster for the play that we have been cooking.

Photo credit goes to my friend Jen :-)

My Kind of Superheroes

Superheroes immortalized in ink.  I would say its looks cool, artsy and impressive.
Here is the link for more:

Watch: Harvard Baseball 2012 Call Me Maybe Cover

All the "Call Me Maybe's" out there paled in comparison to this.


Maybe because it features drop dead gorgeous hunks who just happen to be athletes in a school called Harvard.

Ladies, this one's for you.



I have to give credit to my friend’s formidable persuasive power as the reason for me being in a “sweating distance” from these boys.

Representing the music from my generation, the Backstreet Boys are back in Manila for a concert with New Kids On The Block. Held at the newly built Mall of Asia arena, last night transported me back my pimple filled days of early love, heartaches and addictive pop music.

The audience was a mix of the late 70’s and early 80’s generation. And while most are women (in groups), there are some guys present hoping to score some “macho but sensitive points” with their wives and girlfriends.

The show was filled with dance tunes and some romantic ballads that seem to turn these screeching and screaming out-of-control middle aged women to mush.

It’s amazing how music can transport you to a significant moment in your life.Growing up, these are the things that we think and talk about. The same songs that represent our generation’s ideals and thoughts. These are the son…