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Loveisms #11

Pick Upper

Well, I guess there is truth to the adage:When you are unlucky in love, you are lucky on other things.

And that for me is winning those Valentine’s Day mushy contests.

Do you remember that I also won the“What is Love?” contest last February 2014?  See related post here.
Anddespite the pressure and lack of considerable knowledge on the topic, I won again this year by coming up with the best and the cheesiest pick up line.

My boss (the one and only judge) said that he chose it since it is one if not the only entry forpick up lines by women.
Now the office is calling me The undisputed winner of every Valentine's Day contest at OiP.
I’m sharing my winning pick up line here in case you have any need to use it.I do not think I can ever utter it since I lack the self confidence and the looks to pull it off.


Dance Is For the Brave

Storytelling at its finest!!! I can never get tired watching this guy.

Expensive Profit?

Our office has decided to celebrate valentines day with a contest (again).

And as a previous winner  (see related post here), I am a bit pressured to take home the problematic prize of a romantic dinner cruise for two.

Frankly, I'd prefer the runner up movie tickets, again for two, like it is some kind of a lucky number.

Anyways, for this year we are asked to come up with the best and most original pick up lines.  Which is hard because as a girl somehow approaching spinsterhood, what do I know of these things?

Luckily, I have a super active imagination and loads of creativity.

Funny though that while I was browsing my newsfeed last night, I came across this one which I think is such a funny and witty pick up line.

What do you think?

Loveisms #10