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And I Pray for Paris

I've never been to Paris.

And unlike every romantic person I know, I never dreamt of going there.

But I like the place just fine. It is the city of love, after all.

So I can somehow understand why terrorists decided to terrorize the city.

In a matter of hours, 129 people were murdered and 352 were injured, some critically. 

They want to make a statement.

They want to be noticed.

They want to be feared.

And what better way to do that than to shatter people's idealistic dreams.To transform Paris and its romantic surroundings into a site of chaos and real life nightmares.  They wanted to strike fear in the hearts of those who always idealized the idea of Paris as the center of love, lights, arts, fashion...

Only they miscalculated.

They did not realize that destroying this symbol of love and romance only makes us love it more, want it more, protect it more.

Now I yearn for Paris, and all it stands for. For me it has become a symbol of strength, unity, hope.

And I dream of having a place like…

When I Crave for Some Sprinkles of Common Sense

One of the most awaited moments within the UAAP season is the Cheer Dance Competition.

Universities all try to bend and break their bones trying to come up with fresh and almost impossible death defying stunts that would make you weep with awe and envy.

There are only 3 schools who can brag about being able to deliver such stunts – UP, UST, FEU.

Slowly inching their way into this elite trio is NU.

Not to be mean girls about it, but it seems that they are being helped in the most scandalous and interesting way.

I know that the whole UAAP Cheer Dance organizers will go to their graves defending their decision.

They are saying that NU won because they tried the hardest routine.

Emphasis po sa TRIED.

Simply put, they have rewarded NU on their failed attempts than other universities' flawless execution.

Nothing against NU, but what-a-shame.

This is not a kindergarten where we put more emphasis on effort.

This is real life.And real life taught me that ambitions do not matter, it is what you have a…

The Superior One

Guy Ritchie is a great guy.Unfortunately, no one, and I mean NO ONE, eclipses a wife like Madonna.

No matter how accomplished you are.

Such is the woe filled life of Guy who was married to the ultimate diva for years.

This made me remember a book called:

Superior Wife Syndrome - where the woman does everything around the house/family.. and the guy's idea of helping is staying out her way.
According to this book:
"That sense of power and control can be difficult to give up. Wives run the show while their husbands sit back and take it easy," .
"Women are the CEOs of their households, and their husbands are more like employees."

Such a different take on the good old marriages we have always been used to.

As to whether this book is any good, I will not know.  But it seems interesting enough.

Now back to Guy.

It's a good thing that he has continued to make kick ass movies.

Don’t just take my word for it and watch his latest Man from Uncle and the super crazy Lock, Stoc…