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Read: After Eden

Ultimately, After Eden can be summed up in these words:

“For every two people who fall in love, Adam and Eve are reborn.” - Arnold Arre, September 2002

Lyrically haunting and superbly told.  I am so in awe of Arnold Arre's gift of creativity.  Truly an inspiration to non creative people like me. 

Read this, fall in love and be inspired.

Boring Men are Cool

How many times have you gone "awwww" for all those viral proposal videos?

Like any of these?

If you bothered to click on the link, you would realize that majority of these were created for movies.

In reality, the men of our lives are unexciting, uninteresting and boring.

But hey, what is wrong with that?

I recently read a Huffpost article titled The Real Truth About Boring Men - and the women who live with them.

And I'm telling you that you should read it.

It opened my eyes about the unfair expectation we are subjecting our men into.  Sort of like "setting them up to fail" by having impossible, out of this world romantic ideas of what they should do and how they ought to be.

Ladies, not all men can be Ryan Gosling (or Zoren Legaspi).

And Christian Grey exists only in books.

In reality, men work for a living, they fix the lights, they take out the garbage, leave the toilet seats up... and watch ball games with beer.

Sometimes, you're lucky enough to get a guy who's…

What's your Job Desription?

I've always loved Snoopy and this is a questions I've always wanted to ask:

Hmmm, makes me want to rethink about my dog's job description.

The Filipino Spirit is Waterproof

I remember writing about this same topic  in December of 2011.  And now, around Christmas time, when everybody else was so preoccupied with wish lists and Christmas carols, thousands of our brothers and sisters has suffered from the recent typhooon...again.

But if there is one thing admirable about the Filipino people, it is our resiliency.Our capacity to take what is given to us with smiles on our faces and hopes in our minds. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING can keep us down.
And we have this uncanny way of turning even the worst disasters into moments of fun and creativity.

Like these:

At this time, the Ayala Museum has called out to fellow Filipinos out there to churn out their creative juices and submit entries relating to the phrase:  The Filipino Spirit is Waterproof And here are some of the examples: