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Watch: Bright Star

“I have so much of you in my heart.”
― John Keats

Anyone able to come up with this phrase is worth gushing over.

No wonder John Keats is celebrated as one of the leading figure of the 19th century Romantic movement.

Unfortunately for us, Mr. Keats succumbed to Tuberculosis at the tender age of 25.He died believing he was a failure and left the world unable to return and marry his one great love – Fanny Brawne.

Luckily, he has left us some wonderful verses to inspire us and make our hearts swoon.

The love story in the movie was slightly restrained and the interaction between the two characters were a little awkward.But the movie was a gem to begin with.Full of verses and scenes of longing.

And I, like any other fool, was left wishing for a happy ending that I knew was never to come.

On a more sordid note, I saw this article from Thought Catalog about Ms. Lorelei Hayworth, who was found over the dead body of her lover.In her person was found such a moving if not a little too creepy, passionat…

Sometimes, some parents are awesome...

Let me direct you to this moving article by a father of a "gender creative" child titled "My Son Wears Dresses".

According to him:

To me, loving a child who is different, a target and seen as vulnerable is my role as a father and decent human being.

I’m a father. I signed on for the job with no strings attached, no caveats, no conditions…

My wife also gets a load of emails from people asking where our son’s father is... To those people I say, I’m right here fathering my son. I want to love him, not change him. My son skipping and twirling in a dress isn't a sign that a strong male figure is missing from his life, to me it’s a sign that a strong male figure is fully vested in his life and committed to protecting him and allowing him to grow into the person who he was created to be.

One of my favorite TV character is Burt Hummel (played wonderfully by Mike O'Malley) as the father of the oh so gay and lovely Kurt.  Burt is a mechanic, a man an manly as you could…

Reel Men Wear Satchel


Tigers Took a Bite of the Archers

UST wins over La Salle in a heart attack inducing game 1 of the UAAP  Season 76 finals.
All eyes are glued for brothers Teng who are playing against each other in the best of three series.

Game 2 is scheduled this Saturday at Smart Araneta Coliseum.

I'd have to make sure I don't collapse with excitement by then.

Sadly, some people took this opportunity to make money out of loyal fans and students.  Read more here.

Dubbed as "Puso vs Height" the España ballers defeated the prominently larger and taller Archers in a shocking twist which shocked even coach Pido.

History is on UST's side, as 15 of 19 teams that have won Game 1 of the UAAP finals went on to win the championship.

I'll watch and find one which street would get flooded - with tears of loss and dissappoinment - after this season is over.

Will it be España or Taft?

Note:  Image  courtesy of Bazics newsfeeds and tumblr